Ultimate Backwards Party Theme Idea

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Oops! I promise this Backwards Party Theme Idea is not written backwards. I don’t know what got into me…

So let’s get started on planning the Ultimate Backwards Party for your child.

Before we do that, I am just letting you know there isn’t any full party kits available for this theme, so we are going to create an Ultimate Party from scratch. Let’s Go!


-- Ultimate Backwards Party Theme Idea --


Picking the location can be one of the most difficult tasks for some people, because they want everything to be perfect. Just remember, you child is going to have a great time no matter where the party is as long as their family and friends are there…So with that in mind, pick something that’s convenient for you. Here are a few Backwards party theme idea locations to get you started.

* Home: This is a great location for a backwards party. It gives you the freedom of decorating the party when you want and how you want. You know where everything is located and I guarantee you won’t leave anything at home, because you are at home!!! The drawbacks, oh yes, there is the possibility of something getting damaged. Nothing is worse than when a child accidentally breaks something valuable in your house. What do you do? So yes it is great to have the party at your home, but you have to eliminate, the best you can, the possibility of damage to your house and belongings.

* Park: Another great location for you backwards party theme idea. There is a lot of room which gives you unlimited possibilities to the games and decorating. Usually a park will have some type of playground structure which you could utilize throughout the party to keep the children occupied. Drawbacks, you are not at home and leaving a crucial party item behind is always possible. Nothing is worse than getting the children in line to break the piñata and you forgot the bat, or getting ready to sing happy birthday and the candles are on the kitchen counter. So, once again there are perks and drawbacks to the park, but if you plan correctly, the party should go off without a hitch!!!

* Rented Location: If you have extra money in your budget, which is usually not the case, you could rent a facility, such as, McDonalds, Chuck E Cheese, etc. They will provide most of the food, cake, party items, but at a cost. If you don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of remembering every last item or afraid of damage to your house, then you should look into renting a popular location in your area.

-- Ultimate Backwards Party Theme Idea --


Finding the Ultimate invitation can be one of the most challenging parts of the party. Why? You want to send out an invitation that represents your theme perfectly. Remember, the invitation is the first thing your guests are going to see and if it’s the Ultimate invitation, the guests are going to be excited for the party!!! I have compiled a few different Backwards party theme idea invitations to help you get started. Enjoy…

Don’t forget to check out our Ultimate selection of backwards clip art to put on your invitations.

* Backwards/Upside Down: This is a great way to get creative and make your own invitations at home. By using the “flip vertical/horizontal” functions on a card-making software package (these functions can also be found on Powerpoint), you will be able to create invitations that have to first be turned upside-down and then read in a mirror (I would suggest putting a little “right-way” message on the bottom telling the guests how to read it.) You could then decorate the envelopes by writing each girl’s name upside-down and backwards, drawing upside down candles, animals, etc and adding an upside down Happy Birthday stamp. Don’t forget to remind the guests to wear their clothes backwards…

* Reverse Invitation: Here is a great way to confuse your guests before they arrive at the party. Instead of sending out invitations, send out thank you notes. It could read something like: Thank you for coming to my birthday party (Date and Time). We really had a good time at the backwards party. Then to finish off the celebration, send out the invitations as the thank you notes. Don’t forget to remind the guests to wear their clothes backwards…

* Inside-Out: Another Ultimate idea is having the invitation open backwards and the information be on the outside and it can all be in backwards writing so they have to read it in a mirror. Remind them to dress backwards and to get ready for backward walking, talking, playing, eating, etc.

-- Ultimate Backwards Party Theme Idea --


This is one of the most crucial steps in planning the Ultimate Party. By picking the right decoration, you can set the mood instantly when the children arrive. To get started I have compiled ideas that start with the outside and work their way inside. You can use all, some or none of the Backwards party theme idea decorations, but they will definitely help you transform your party location into the “Ultimate Party Location”

To get started we need to identify the Ultimate Party Location. To do that, tie a bouquet of balloons on a light post or mailbox in front of the party location. This will help the guests identify your house immediately!!!

You can also put a sign on your front door saying, “Exit” and a sign on the backdoor saying, “Enter”. This will really get the children excited for the party to get started.

Moving into the party location, you can put streamers all over the ground (instead of the ceiling). The children and parents will find that so amusing. Get some balloons without helium and put them all over the ground. Or better yet, hang them down from the ceiling.

Now that you have started decorating the inside of the house, how about some creativity? Here is an excellent selection of backwards posters, clip art and coloring pages I have put together. You can have your children color these pages and put them around the party area to add a personal touch. Or use the posters as decorations around the party location. Just make sure to check this out before continuing on.

It’s time to discuss our vocabulary while the party is going on. You have to remember to tell the children that word meanings are backwards. For example, No means Yes, Hi means Bye, Faster means Slower, etc. The kids will get a kick out of it, especially when they forget and everyone starts laughing.

What about walking, talking, eating, etc? Make sure everyone is doing these things backwards as it adds a ton of humor to the party.

You can have some backward playing music in the background (if you have some music stored in your computer, just open a simple program called “Sound Recorder” which is on most computers and select to have the songs play backwards.)

You probably are looking for the Ultimate Backwards Music, you have to check out this great song called “The Backwards Birthday Party” in Tom Chapin’s Zig Zag CD. It fits perfectly into your birthday party theme and is an excellent choice to play in the background! You can even listen to it online!

Keep in mind that “everything” must be backwards, including the order of events. What is usually the last thing that happens at a party? You get a goody bag on your way out the door. To start, give the children a goody bag on their way in. Next, move on to the presents and eat cake and ice cream. Then start playing the games you had planned. Move right into eating the food you decided to serve. Followed by a few icebreaker activities, which should lead you right into the end of the party. I can bet you most children have never been to a party where they do everything backwards and will never forget what happened at this Ultimate Party!

To wrap up the decorations section of this party, don’t forget to take lots of pictures. Not just regular ones, but backwards. Take pictures of the children’s backs and send them out with the invitations (thank you notes). If you have a digital camera, you could take pictures during the party, print them out and hang them up around the party area.

-- Ultimate Backwards Party Theme Idea --

Party Tableware

Since the backwards theme doesn’t have any theme supplies you can buy, the choice of colors and party tableware is going to be up to you. You can go with just about any solid color you desire, but try and pick out your child’s favorite color. It will give more meaning to the party for them. So take a look at the Backward Party Theme Idea Tableware sets.

Here is the ultimate selection of silverware, plates, napkins, etc in solid colors.

-- Ultimate Backwards Party Theme Idea --


Getting dressed up for the party theme needs to be a family affair. Have the family dress backwards and inside out, with ponytails on their foreheads, zippers and buttons in the back, sun-shades or glasses on backwards or upside-down, shoes on the wrong feet, watch around the ankle, shoelaces put in backwards, hair combed foreword, etc. The wildest and silliest things are the best!

Don’t forget about those party guests. When you have thought of some crazy ideas, add them in the invitations, letting them know to come dressed backwards. You’ll be amazed at what some kids will come dressed as.

-- Ultimate Backwards Party Theme Idea --

Ice Breaker Activities

Let those who arrive early play with Bubbles while they wait for their backwards buddies to arrive.

* Goose, Goose, Duck: It might take a minute for the children to catch on this isn’t a new game, but just backwards. This is a great ice breaker activity because you can keep adding children as they arrive.

* Backwards Songs: Play songs backwards on your computer and have the children try and guess what they are.

-- Ultimate Backwards Party Theme Idea --


Picking out the perfect food, refreshments, treats and cake should be a fun experience. Think of clever names for each item that relates back to the Batman theme. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Backwards Party Theme Idea Food

Before you serve the children food, you should set the dining area up backwards. Put a table cloth on the floor underneath the dining room table and line the chairs up facing the wall. Have the children eat their food underneath the table.

* Backward Hot Dogs: Simply slice a hot dog in half and place a bun between the two slices.
* Pizza in Cup: Serve pizza to the children, but not on a plate, in a cup.

There is no limit on what food you can serve, just make sure to serve it backwards!!!

Backwards Party Theme Idea Refreshments

* 7-Down: Simply take a can of 7-up and turn it upside down. Poke a hole in the bottom and serve it with a straw. The kids will be amazed because they have never drank a soda upside-down before!!!
* You can serve the drinks that children love, such as, Capri Suns, Koolaid Koolers, Koolaid Jammers, boxed juice, etc.

Backwards Party Theme Idea Cake

Any cake will suffice for this party theme, but as long as it’s backwards you’ll be OK. You can either serve an upside-down cake or cupcakes. Just make the cake as directed and frost it. Then simply turn it upside down on a see through glass plate. For the writing, make sure it’s backwards.

If the guests are old enough to read, I would suggest printing out the words to Happy Birthday backwards (“you to Birthday Happy, (child’s name) to Birthday Happy, you to Birthday Happy, you to Birthday Happy”). The kids will be out of control with laughter by the end of the song!!!

-- Ultimate Backwards Party Theme Idea --

Party Favors

Since there really aren’t any “backwards” party favors for sale, the silliest items will do. I have listed a few Backwards Party Theme Idea party favors that will go great with your party.

* Silly String
* Party Poppers
* Fun Faces Stamps
* Goofy Smile Face Stickers
* Funny Face Kick Balls

-- Ultimate Backwards Party Theme Idea --


Click here for the Ultimate selection of Backwards Toys. Need something besides a Backwards toy? Click here for the Ultimate selection of toys.

-- Ultimate Backwards Party Theme Idea --

Games and Activities

Looking for the Ultimate Backwards Party Theme Idea Games and Activities? I have dedicated a whole page for these games. I know you will find enough choices to fill the games section of your Ultimate Backwards Party.

Before we get to those games, check out these Ultimate Piñatas. Your child will definitely love them!!!

Now it’s time for the games. Check them out here.

-- Ultimate Backwards Party Theme Idea --

Thank You Notes

Now the parties over, what do you do? Plan the next one? Sure, but you don’t want to forget about the guests that helped you celebrate your child’s birthday. Make sure to send them some type of thank you note. As you read earlier, sending out the invitations as thank you notes would be a perfect end to an Ultimate Party. Don’t forget to say “You’re Welcome” and “Hello” when the guests leaving. Hopefully there is enough information for you to transform your Ultimate Backwards Party Theme Idea into an unforgettable party for your child.

-- Ultimate Backwards Party Theme Idea --