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Have you been searching the internet trying to find the Ultimate ideas for your child's next birthday party? Have you found what you're looking for or do you keep running into deadends. There are a lot of Great sites on the web with Great child birthday party ideas, but finding one with Great organization is difficult.

With that said, you have encountered an Ultimate child birthday party site where you will find party ideas that are organized in an easy to read format. Whether it is an idea created by the Ultimate Kid Birthday Party staff or from a reader just like yourself, it will have the same format. This will allow all visitors to quickly find a theme that interests them and locate the information they need quickly.

This site is designed to consolidate everyones great ideas into easy to read pages where normal people can come and find Ultimate child birthday party ideas for FREE!

I hope you are excited as I am and to get started with this Ultimate adventure, I am going to offer Ultimate prizes each and every month for the top party themes submitted. Well what are those prizes?

**** There is currently no contests running at this time ****

BUT if you submit an idea during a "no contest" period, you will automatically be submitted into the next contest.

So how do you win a prize? First, you have to submit your ideas and photos using the form below. After the UKBP staff has received your child birthday party information, we will post your idea on the main theme page and the Current Submission page. After all the entries have been received for the month, the UKBP will vote on each theme based on these criteria:

25% - Popularity (Calculated by the number of clicks to the theme)
25% - Creativity (Calculated by UKBP staff. To earn points in this category, try to be creative in every aspect of the party.)
50% - Originality (Calculated by UKBP staff. To earn points in this category, try to be original in your ideas.)

The contest restarts on the first of every month and continues until 12:00 midnight CST of the last day of the month. The points will be calculated and posted on the website NLT the 5th day of the following month.

So enough about the rules, let's get to the party submissions.

* Submission Guidelines *

* Any child birthday party idea or theme is eligible to win. Simply fill in as much information on the entry form as you can. Not all fields are required, but the more details you include, the better chance you have at winning.

* You can enter as many themes as you wish. The more you submit, the more chances you have at winning.

* Don't worry about editing your submission. Just send in the raw information as it flows from your mind onto the computer screen. The more information you include, the easier it'll be for others to find inspiration from your thoughts.

* If you have any graphics, invitation, pictures, thank you notes, etc, please email those separately to Pictures@ultimate-kid-birthday-parties.com. Just remember to put your name and party theme in the subject line.

* Each photo must be original - yours, a family member's, etc...

* Party ideas must be written in your own words and not copied from any other source.

* Submission Form *

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