Andrew's Blues Clues Birthday Party Themes Submission

Age: 4

Thanks Andrew for your Blues Clues Birthday Party Themes idea!

Let me tell you, there are some great ideas in this party that I know you could use in your future Blues Clues Party.

All the information contained in this party submission mirrors all the party themes format.

Starting with the invitations and finishing at the thank you notes, you are going to find everything you need to throw that Ultimate Birthday Party!

Once again, thank you Andrew for your wonderful party ideas and I hope the readers will be able to utilize them in their future parties!

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-- Ultimate Blues Clues Birthday Party Themes --



-- Ultimate Blues Clues Birthday Party Themes --


For invites I wanted notebooks. I couldn't find reasonable priced Steve notebooks so I made my own. I used green poster board cut in long rectangles. Placed post it notes inside, folded over, punched holes and twisted a red pipe cleaner through for the spiral. On the first page I wrote 'Hello Steve here, Blue has something special to tell us about. Want to play Blue's clues to figure out what it is? You do?! Lets play.' the 3 clues were party hats and balloons, the number 4 and a pic of my son. The next page said ''We have all 3 clues now what do we do? Sit in our thinking chair and think, think, thiiiink.' The next page said 'do you know what Blue is trying to tell us _____'s 4th birthday Right! you are so smart' The last page was the birthday info.   I tried to base the party on Blue's Birthday and things my son wanted to include.

-- Ultimate Blues Clues Birthday Party Themes --


I decorated in all blue from streamers, table coverings and balloons. I used his BC sheet as a cover on the gift/cake table and his BC comforter for the unwrapping of the gifts.

-- Ultimate Blues Clues Birthday Party Themes --

Party Tableware


-- Ultimate Blues Clues Birthday Party Themes --


Party hats, I took regular cone shaped party hats. Inserted pipe cleaners in the top and curled them (see movie). As the children arrived they each received a hat and round stickers to decorate.  I stamped each child's hand and took a pic of them with the birthday boy as they arrived.

-- Ultimate Blues Clues Birthday Party Themes --

Ice Breaker Activities


-- Ultimate Blues Clues Birthday Party Themes --


The cake was a paw print that I used icing paste to make blue. Each child received a cup cake. Since he was 4 and the paw print has 4 'toes' I put a candle in each and Blue on the big cake. We sang happy birthday blue's style 'Have a happy birthday you-oo and we'll have a great day too-oo. Everybody play it's ______'s special day. Happy birthdaaaaaaay! Blow out the candles! The highlight was seeing who's mouth turned the most blue LOL It was a riot especially with the older kids.

-- Ultimate Blues Clues Birthday Party Themes --

Party Favors

At the end of the party I handed out handmade shovel and pails filled with favors. I used red cups for pail twisted a pipe cleaner for the handle. A yellow spoon made shovel. Both with faces drawn on. Favors were blue play dough, BC balls, notebooks, crayon, and silly straws.

-- Ultimate Blues Clues Birthday Party Themes --


For gifts we all sat on the blanket and sang 'present time present time, open the present and see what's inside' my intention was to do it for each gift but my son as very impatient as well the other children.

-- Ultimate Blues Clues Birthday Party Themes --

Games and Activities

After we were all settled I explained that Blue wanted to do something special for my son's birthday. We had to play Blue's clues to figure it out. I asked them if they saw any clues. They were the first clue!  I had a streamer hung very low to be our 'skiddo line'. I explained to each guest that everything on the other side is just a picture. When we were ready for games we skiddoed into the game area. This is one of the son's favorite parts of the show so I had to include it. It was also his favorite part of the party.   We played pass blue a version of hot potato using blue instead. The radio (music) was clue #2. Then we played pop the balloon. This is a favorite of my son's. If you play this have a pin handy. Our balloons didn't want to pop. Luckily I had a smart mommy with me that popped them as the kids sat on them. The next clue was feet. I put a clue on my foot as well as other adults that were present. Blue wanted to have a party parade to celebrate. Each child got an instrument of some kind. Shakers, Flutes, and Kazoos were what we used. The children marched around making a lot of noise LOL. After gifts we had time so we played musical chairs. This didn't work very well with small children (ages 2-8). They didn't get to walk around the chairs they were all over which proved funny to the adults. We also had 'mail time'. We sang the mail song. 'Here's the mail it never fails. It makes me want to wag my tail. When it comes I want to wail MAIL!!!' My son passed out envies with coloring sheets and 'good friend certificates'

-- Ultimate Blues Clues Birthday Party Themes --

Thank You Notes


-- Ultimate Blues Clues Birthday Party Themes --


Things I learned from this party. With these age groups it's probably best to do stations instead of structured games. The children enjoyed it but it took awhile for them to get into the games. I had one child who only wanted push the buttons on the radio. He was my official button pusher LOL several children who wanted to keep Blue instead of passing it on. I was worried about them not taking being 'out' very well. It turned out they loved sitting in the middle of the circle and wanted to be 'out' LOL the balloon pop game didn't go as I planned the kids just ran and popped their balloons there was no winner which was fine. Got to be very flexible and let things happen which I did. The familiarity of the activities associated to the show worked well. The kids kind of knew what to do. Danced and sang to the familiar songs and knew what was going to happen when a song began.