Throwing an Ultimate Kid Birthday Party

(Minus the headache & pocket book stress)

Imagine this...

You want to throw the Ultimate Kid Birthday Party for your child this year and only have a month to plan it, but where do you start? Do you know what the popular themes are this year? Where do you buy party supplies? How much is it going to cost? Where should you have it? How many kids should you invite?

The stress begins to build...

Two weeks until the birthday party and you've narrowed the party theme down to three. You go to the local party store, but they don't carry one of your themes, the other two don't have much variety and it sure isn’t cheap!

Now What?

The stress continues to build…


You've arrived at the Ultimate Kid Birthday Party planning site. Guaranteed to make your child’s next and future birthday parties stress free. Pick your theme from Finding Nemo to a Paintball Adventure and many more. Plus, you'll find the best prices on the net and receive your party products "on time" from the best vendors.

Planning your party through the Ultimate Kid Birthday Parties allows you to spend more time on what "you" want. No more running to the party store the night before hoping they have what you're looking for. Just look around and you're guaranteed to find the perfect theme. Plus, all the details for the party are laid out for you in an easy to follow plan.

Find it all here! From birthday invitations to the thank you cards and everything in between it’s all here at the Ultimate Kid Birthday Party Site.

Don’t have time to plan, let us do it. Fill out a simple form and we’ll order everything for you, from the invitations to the cake, making it easier for you to give your child the ULTIMATE BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!

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