Stephanie's Zoo Birthday Party Submission

Age: 2

First, I would like to thank Stephanie for sharing her great ideas from her Zoo party.

Let me tell you, there are some great ideas in this party that I know you could use in your future Zoo Party.

All the information contained in this party submission mirrors all the party themes format.

Starting with the invitations and finishing at the thank you notes, you are going to find everything you need to throw that Ultimate Birthday Party!

Once again, thank you Stephanie for your wonderful party ideas and I hope the readers will be able to utilize them in their future parties!

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-- Ultimate Zoo Birthday Party Submission --


We converted our garage to party central, but kept all of the food in the house.

-- Ultimate Zoo Birthday Party Submission --


For the invitations, I printed the following verse on heavy card stock: "Stephanie's turning two and it's sure to be a ZOO.  So join us for some punch and cake, we'll make an ANIMAL out of you." There was a jungle-animal border around the verse.

-- Ultimate Zoo Birthday Party Submission --


-- Ultimate Zoo Birthday Party Submission --

Party Tableware

I used different bright colored party goods - orange plates, lime-green and dark green napkins, red and yellow cups.  I put a yellow table cloth on the food table. We set up a table with an orange table cloth in the garage. On it were placed animal stickers, markers and crayons and brown craft-paper gift-bags.

-- Ultimate Zoo Birthday Party Submission --


Upon arrival, each child got to reach in and select an animal mask (Oriental Trading).  I took pictures of each child wearing his or her mask. There were twelve children in all (ages 18 mo - 9 years!) and each seemed to really enjoy the masks.

-- Ultimate Zoo Birthday Party Submission --

Ice Breaker Activities

-- Ultimate Zoo Birthday Party Submission --


Food: I put out pretzels and animal crackers for the children and some meatballs and dips out for the adults.

Refreshments: Drinks were stocked in the garage - kids juice boxes in a washtub filled with ice and adult beverages (soda, beer, bottled water) in a separate cooler. 

Cake: For the cake, I made a three layer cake, frosted brown on the sides with yellow "roping".  On the top, it was frosted with green "grass". A Fisher Price (Little People) elephant stood on the grass.  I used chocolate wafer cookies to make a cage around the elephant. For a finishing touch, I pressed animal crackers around the sides of the cake.  In addition, I made some cupcakes, frosted white with sprinkles and stood an animal cracker on each one.

-- Ultimate Zoo Birthday Party Submission --

Party Favors

Each child was invited to decorate a goody bag. As bags were completed, I brought them in and lined them with leopard print tissue paper and added stuffed zoo animals that "talked" when pressed (Dollar Tree), more animal stickers and lollipops.

-- Ultimate Zoo Birthday Party Submission --


Gifts were opened indoors with each guest getting their picture with the birthday girl as she opened each gift.

-- Ultimate Zoo Birthday Party Submission --

Games and Activities

We played "feed the tiger" with a large picture of a tiger with an open mouth. I made bean bags out of unmatched socks and the children took turns throwing them into the tigers mouth.  Since this was a 2-year-old party, this was the only organized game. For other activities, I provided side-walk chalk and bubbles for blowing.  Also, all of the riding toys were available to the guests.

-- Ultimate Zoo Birthday Party Submission --

Thank You Notes

-- Ultimate Zoo Birthday Party Submission --