Zachary & Megan's Ocean Birthday Party Submission

Age: 2 & 4

First, I would like to thank Zachary & Megan for sharing their great ideas from their Ocean party.

Let me tell you, there are some great ideas in this party that I know you could use in your future Ocean Party.

All the information contained in this party submission mirrors all the party themes format.

Starting with the invitations and finishing at the thank you notes, you are going to find everything you need to throw that Ultimate Birthday Party!

Once again, thank you Zachary & Megan for your wonderful party ideas and I hope the readers will be able to utilize them in their future parties!

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-- Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Submission --



-- Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Submission --


Each had their own invitation I had found a great site on line that does customized printing. His was a shark that read "Something is lurking in the deep dark blue, it's a party, Zachary is turning 2!" It invited guest to swim over to Zachary's Reef (our house) date and time. Megan's invites had bright blue and purple colors with mermaids playing at the bottom of the ocean. Guest were invited to join our beautiful mermaid on the ocean floor to celebrate Megan turning 4! Both cards asked guest to RSVP to Mother of Pearl(me) and King of the Sea (my husband). We have a large living room adjacent to an equally large dining room.

-- Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Submission --


We decorated the dining room with bright blues and purples so it was very girlie. While the living room was done with dark blues to give a fierce some feel. I covered the walls and ceiling with blue vinyl table cloth that comes in long rolls from the party store. I found beautiful iridescent turquoise organza and crystallized navy blue organza from a store on line. Using 200 yards of each color I swaged the fabric in alternating colors along all the walls in both rooms on top of the blue vinyl. It gave it a 3 D affect and it felt like we were surrounded by waves. Along the bottom of the walls in the dining room I put up a 3 foot high wallpaper border of color fish and dolphins playing on the ocean floor. A mermaid banner with my daughter's name was hung from the ceiling. Realistic salt water fish clings were placed on all the windows behind the fabric. It looked like the fish were swimming right at us. I found sizable stuffed animal clown loaches 5" x 7"(they look like Nemo) in blues, red and purples at the dollar store so I bought dozens of them and hung them from the ceiling with fishing line at different heights. At the same store we found stuffed animal sharks 4"x 12", great whites, hammerheads and others I don't know the name of. We hung those in the living room by fishing line also. A clearance sale in a craft store I found this amazing long artificial foliage that looked just like seaweed. I bought all they had and hung it high and low places in the dining room and the living room. We had found some large rubber shark too heavy to hang so I hid them partially by the sewed on the mantle in the living room. Real sea shells were placed throughout both rooms. I found some actual photograph poster of sharks on line and had them placed round the living room. The photographer even autographed one "Happy Birthday Zachary”. Although the room was a little scary it didn't frighten the kids. A cardboard shark welcomed guest to Zachary's Reef and warned them to enter at their own risk. We enlarged a picture of my son wearing a shark costume from Disney and had that displayed. The morning of the party I inflated 400 hundred dark and light blue balloons with helium and had them covering the ceiling of both rooms. It felt like we were under water. We have a long dining room table that accommodated the 8 girls and 5 boys that attended.

-- Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Submission --

Party Tableware

The table was covered with an iridescent table cloth with mermaids on it from "jewel the mermaid" theme. A blue table skirt was wrapped around the sides. For a centerpiece I purchased this large 2 piece sunken ship meant for commercial fish tanks. Although it took days to decorate it was well worth the expressions on the children's faces.

-- Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Submission --


-- Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Submission --

Ice Breaker Activities

-- Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Submission --


Food: We served frothy ocean water (blue punch), pasta shells with choice of sauce, "coral sticks" (garlic bread) and gold fish crackers, along with other edible treats.

Cake: I can not bake so I ordered a cake from a bakery. It was a 12 inch round 4 inch high cake with a 10 inch round 4 inch high cake on top. The entire cake was airbrushed with bright blues and purples on one side and darker blues on the opposite side. We have a tradition of buying my daughter a keepsake for her cakes. This year it was a resin mermaid statue which was the focal point for her side of the cake. The bakery added colorful fish made from edible sugar and a sign that read "Happy Birthday Megan". On the other side of the cake there were small rubber sharks coming and going the height of the cake. A skeleton laid next to treasure chest at the bottom. A sign read "Happy Birthday Zachary" my description doesn't do it justice.

-- Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Submission --

Party Favors

All 8 eight girls arrived wearing mermaid costumes (this was completely unexpected and very funny). The girls received sea shell necklaces, bracelets and tiara I bought at the craft store. They also received Ariel dress up dolls and outfits that came in their own case. I lucked out on a clearance sale at Disney. The boys received shark hats, shark pinchers, a tube a rubber sharks, shark squirt guns and shark key chains all from a party store. At the end of the party each of the boys were allowed to "catch" one of the sharks hanging from the ceiling to take home.

-- Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Submission --


-- Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Submission --

Games and Activities

The girls had a pull string piñata filled with more jewelry and of course candy. It was rigged so my daughter had the magic string. The boys had a shark pull string piñata as well. It was filled with more shark related items and candy; it too was rigged so my son had the magic string. We had a puppeteer come and entertain using an ocean them.

-- Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Submission --

Thank You Notes

-- Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Submission --


Thank You So Much for all the ideas!!!