Ultimate Carnival Kid Birthday Party Ideas

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Your party planning just got a whole lot easier. You are are to find ultimate ideas on how to transform your party from great to Ultimate!!!

We're going to start off at the invitations and work every party detail until we are at the Thank You notes. So pay attention and get ready to plan this party.

But before we get started on this journey, take a look at this great party pack. It includes just about everything you need for an Ultimate Kid Birthday Party.

Clowns Party Box

-- Ultimate Carnival Kid Birthday Party Ideas --


Now it’s time to get started on planning the party, but where do you have it? There are so many options and picking the “right” one can be very difficult to some people. Just remember, as long as your child’s family and friends are there, the location really doesn’t matter to them. So pick somewhere that is convenient and easy for you to setup and clean up in a minimal amount of time…

* Circus Arena: What a perfect way to celebrate your child’s birthday at the Circus Arena. Now, I don’t actually mean go there, but transform your house in the Ultimate Circus Party location. How you ask? First, you need a little creativity. Second, check out the section on decorations. Finally, review our Ultimate Clip Art and Coloring Pages section. There will be plenty of ideas to help you get started. What are the benefits of having a party at your house? Where should I start? First, you won’t forget any crucial party items (e.g. piñata bat) at home. Second, the reservation for the restaurant might get put down wrong and when you show up they don't have anymore room. Finally, you know where everything is located in your house, just in case something unexpected happens. I’m not saying your house is the perfect place because you also should consider the drawbacks, such as, something getting damaged. So make sure you weigh the pros and cons of each party location before deciding.

* Outside Circus Arena: This is another excellent location for the party theme. First, make a list of all the local parks in the area and write down the key features of each one. For example, how much area? is there a playground? trash can availability? Bathrooms? covered areas? Capacity of park? etc. You don’t want to show up at an overcrowded park, with no playground, no bathrooms and it starts to rain. Make sure you spend plenty of time selecting the right park to help ensure your party running a lot smoother.

* Circus Playtime Arena: Want to rent an establishment for the party location? A lot of will provide you with invitations, discounts on food, a cake, etc. Make sure you find a decent place that provides you with enough stuff to balance out the cost. Don’t be afraid to ask for food discounts and other items, you will be surprised on what they will offer, but only if you ask!

-- Ultimate Carnival Kid Birthday Party Ideas --


Picking out or creating the Ultimate invitation can either be a fun or challenging part of the party. It all depends on how much time you have and what type of planning and thought you put in to it. I want to help you create the Ultimate invitation that will represent your party theme perfectly. How? I listed a few ideas to get your creativity juices started. Take the ideas, as is, or alter them to fit “your” taste. I am sure with the ideas listed below you will be able to create the Ultimate Party Invitation!!! Enjoy…

* Store/Internet Bought: You don't have the time or skills to create an Ultimate Invitation? Maybe you just like store bought better. Either way, here is a great Carnival Invitations that needs to be considered.

* Invitation Help: As you start to create this invitation masterpiece, don't forget to check out the Carnival clip art for lots of different pictures. They will definitely help you design the inside and out. Good Luck!

* Carnival Invitation #1: Make clown masks using construction paper, felt-tip pens, sequins and glitter. Use a glue gun or super glue to attach a red rubber ball for a nose, then cut out eye holes. Tie string to either side of each mask, write the party details on the inside of masks and mail them in large envelopes.

* Carnival Invitation #2: Insert invitations into boxes of circus animal crackers. Place each box of crackers into another small box to keep the crackers from being crushed in the mail.

* Carnival Invitation #3: First, cut out circles with 5 different colored construction paper and arrange them to look like a bouquet of balloons.  Attach curling ribbon for string.  At end of string put a piece of paper with the invite attached. It read:

Step right up and Join the fun.  (Child's name) Carnival Party will be the Best One!! Games, prizes, tattoos and more,  Cotton Candy, popcorn, treats galore.  The festivities can't start until you arrive, So we'll see you (Date) from 2 until 5.  We need to know if you are coming so we can plan, So give us a call as soon as you can.  Phone #,  (Your Last Name) (Location) and your address.

* Carnival Invitation #4: Another great ideas is to make your own Admission Ticket to The "Our Last Name's Fairgrounds."   But put at the bottom of the invitation if they brought it back to the party they would get extra tickets.

-- Ultimate Carnival Kid Birthday Party Ideas --


Picking out, setting up and fine tuning the decorations can be a long tedious process. But, there is hope, because with a little planning and creativity, it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of the party. I have compiled ideas that start with the outside decorations and finishes with the inside decorations. You can use all, some or none of the ideas, but no matter which ones you choose, they will help you turn your party location into the Ultimate Party Location.

First, let's start with the outdoor decorations:

Attach a bouquet of helium filled balloons to a light post or mailbox so there will be no mistaking where the fun will be that day!

Make your own big-top tents by hanging sheets and blankets or crepe paper streamers from the ceiling.

Create a path leading from the road to the front door using mini chalk. Include fun images, such as, rainbows, clowns, smiles, etc.

Create carnival game booths using large cardboard appliance boxes painted with poster paint.

Ticket Booth: Here are the instructions from turning an old refrigerator box into a ticket booth. First, obtain a large box from either a washer & dryer and grill. If you don't have one, check with your local supermarket or department store. Next, paint it yellow and red. Cut out the window and decorate it with red streamers to make it look like a curtain. Buy a roll of tickets at your local party store and make sure each child has enough for each game. Wrote on box below window rules for entering. 

1. Must have tickets to play games.
2. Must follow direction of game attendant at all times.
3. One player at a time.
4. Must have FUN!!

Now, let’s move inside the party location and decorate…

Let’s start with the simple decorating. Tie helium balloons of different shades of red, yellow, blue or any other color of the rainbow in clusters of 3 or 5 to the back of chairs or tucked into corners. Don't forget to tie a bunch of balloons to the birthday child’s chair. If you choose not to use helium, tie balloons to varying lengths of curling ribbon, and hang them from the ceiling or from light fixtures throughout the house.

Don't forget to check out this great Giant Clown Mylar Balloon.

Next, let’s move on to another simple, yet familiar decorating item, Streamers. Streamers offer an economical way to splash lots of color around the site of the party. Create a fun and colorful effect by draping rainbow colored metallic streamers from the center of the ceiling to the walls on each side of the room. The streamers can be twisted after they are anchored to a ceiling wall or table for a more dimensional look. Two different colored streamers can be placed back to back and twisted for a unique look. After you are done, it should look like a spiral rainbow above the room! They also look terrific hanging from doorframes or cascading vertically down walls.

Here is some great Happy Birthday Confetti to place on the tables and around the party area.

Another great idea is to print out some great pictures from our Circus Clip Art Page. Have them laminated and place them around the party area.

Here is the perfect Clown Happy Birthday Banner. This is the perfect item for your Ultimate Theme.

-- Ultimate Carnival Kid Birthday Party Ideas --

Party Tableware

The colors of the party should be pretty simple. I would stick with the colors of the rainbow (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, and Brown). You could also throw in some Black and White for a twist on the theme. After you have selected the party theme colors, move on to selecting either printed or solid color party tableware.

Here is a great selection of Carnival themed party tableware:

* Clown Dinner Plates
* Clown Beverage Napkins
* Clown Cone Hats
* Clown Tablecover
* Clown Cups
* Clown Party Blowers

Going solo on your party theme? Can’t find any party theme tableware you like? Then take a look at these silverware, plates, napkins, etc in solid colors. You’re guaranteed to find a color that matches your theme.

-- Ultimate Carnival Kid Birthday Party Ideas --


Now that you've picked out the location, selected a few decorations and picked the theme colors and party tableware, what are you and your child going to wear? Wouldn’t your child love to dress up as a Clown or a Ring Master? I know they would, so here is a perfect chance to let them. Check out these Ultimate costumes!!!

Here are a couple of great Adult Carnival Costumes. Your child will be so delighted when they see you dressed up to match their theme.

Carnival Adult Costume
Carnival Adult Costume

These Party Costumes are sure to be a hit not only with the children, but also with the parents. Click on the costumes for a larger view. Also, don't forget to check out more Adult Carnival Costumes.

Now, check out these great Carnival Accessories. These will definitely add to the "party atmosphere".

Ultimate Carnival Costume
Ultimate Carnival Costume

Here are two great Clown Costumes for your child to wear to their Ultimate Kid Birthday Party. Click on the images to view the details...

-- Ultimate Carnival Kid Birthday Party Ideas --

Ice Breaker Activities

Let those who arrive early play with Bubbles while they wait for the other guests to arrive.

Don’t forget to check out the great collection of coloring pages I have compiled. This would be a great coloring activity to keep the children occupied until the party starts. Plus, you can send them home in their goody bag.

A simple game of Lion, Lion, Roar (i.e. duck, duck, goose) is a great ice breaker activity. You can keep adding children to the circle after they arrive. I have yet to find a child who doesn't like this game, it’s a classic!!!

How about a little bit of face paint for those little guests? As your guests arrive, decorate their cheeks with their favorite Carnival symbols/animals: lions, tigers, bears, popcorn, etc.

Freeze Dance is another great game to get kids acquainted. The game doesn't require a certain number of kids, so they can join in as they arrive. Play a Funny & Fast soundtrack as the kids dance. If you stop the music, they must freeze. If they don’t freeze, they are out. The game restarts after all the children have been eliminated except 1. Kids love to dance and play games, which makes this an Ultimate Ice Breaker Activity.

Have each kids draw a clown face on a large sheet of paper using felt-tip pens, crayons or paint. See who can come up with the funniest face.

Dress-Up: Instead of having the kids wear costumes to the party, provide a variety of funny, old thrift-store clothes at the party, and have them mix and match to create their own crazy clown look.

-- Ultimate Carnival Kid Birthday Party Ideas --


Picking out the perfect food, refreshments, treats and cake should be a fun experience. Think of clever names for each item that relates back to the Carnival theme. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Carnival Kid Birthday Party Ideas for Food:

* Popcorn mixed with animal crackers
* Peanut Butter & Jelly-phant sandwiches cut out with an elephant cookie cutter
* BBQ - Corn/Hot Dogs
* Beans
* Veggies & Dip
* Popcorn
* Chicken Nuggets
* Chili

Carnival Kid Birthday Parties for Refreshments:

* Soda, Juice, Milk, Water, etc...
* Punch
* You can serve the drinks that children love, such as, Capri Suns, Kool-Aid Koolers, Kool-Aid Jammers, boxed juice, etc.

Carnival Kid Birthday Parties for Cake:

Deciding on whether you are going to make or buy the Ultimate cake is a tough decision. It mainly depends on how much time you have and how many guests are coming. I would suggest for a smaller party, you try and make that Ultimate cake. But if there is going to be a large number of guests, maybe a large cake made by the baker would be the best decision. It’s up to you, but here are some ideas on making an Ultimate Carnival cake.

Click on either of these Ultimate Cakes for their baking directions.

Carnival Cake
Carnival Cake


-- Ultimate Carnival Kid Birthday Party Ideas --

Party Favors

* Clown Stickers
* Animal Figure
* Animal Squirt
* Jungle Animal Tattoo Book
* Animal Straw
* No-Pop Bubbles

-- Ultimate Carnival Kid Birthday Party Ideas --


Click here for the Ultimate selection of Circus Toys. Need something besides a Circus toy? Click here for the Ultimate selection of toys.


-- Ultimate Carnival Kid Birthday Party Ideas --

Games and Activities


Looking for the Ultimate Carnival Games and Activities? I have dedicated a whole page for these games. I know you will find enough choices to fill the games section of your Ultimate Carnival Party.

Before we get to those games, check out these Ultimate Piñatas. Your child will definitely love them!!!

Do these pinatas not quite fit your Carnival Theme? Click here for the Ultimate selection of birthday piñatas.

Now it’s time for the Ultimate Carnival Party games. Check them out here.

-- Ultimate Carnival Kid Birthday Party Ideas --

Thank You Notes

Now the parties over, what do you do? Start planning the next one? Sure, but you don’t want to forget about the guests that helped you celebrate your child’s birthday. Make sure to send out some type of Thank You note. Whether it is store bought or hand made, just make sure to get it out no later than a week after the party. Also, if you took any pictures at the party, make sure to include one in each invitation. Any Thank You note you choose will end the Ultimate Carnival Child Birthday Party Idea.

-- Ultimate Carnival Kid Birthday Party Ideas --