Paul's Frog Birthday Party Themes Submission

Age: 5

First, I would like to thank Paul for sharing his great ideas from his Frog party.

Let me tell you, there are some great ideas in this party that I know you could use in your future Frog Party.

All the information contained in this party submission mirrors all the party themes format.

Starting with the invitations and finishing at the thank you notes, you are going to find everything you need to throw that Ultimate Birthday Party!

Once again, thank you Paul for your wonderful party ideas and I hope the readers will be able to utilize them in their future parties!

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-- Ultimate Frog Birthday Party Themes --


We had the party in the backyard.

-- Ultimate Frog Birthday Party Themes --



-- Ultimate Frog Birthday Party Themes --


I covered the patio table with a blue, green vinyl table cloth to give it a pond effect. For the center piece, I had a shoe on a shoe box lid made into a frog habitat, with lots of little rubber frogs you can buy for very cheap.

-- Ultimate Frog Birthday Party Themes --

Party Tableware

I decorated the table with all his toy frogs and the party ware…it did look special. The table was also covered with a blue table cloth.

-- Ultimate Frog Birthday Party Themes --



-- Ultimate Frog Birthday Party Themes --

Ice Breaker Activities

I had frog coloring pages printed from the internet with markers, Frog jacks, rain forest frog tattoos (don't forget a bowl of water and a sponge) frog puzzles, and a bunch of Frog story books.

-- Ultimate Frog Birthday Party Themes --


I set the party food table inside.

I started with finger food served in green bowls. I made frog shaped sugar cookies and had green frosting and a different typed of colored sugar and sprinkles. The kids got to decorate their own cookies. We also had chocolate covered raisins, gummy frogs, fruit snacks, cheese cubes, strawberries, grapes and chips with dip. Plus, we served hotdogs. For the drink, I made a punch with blue Gatorade and sprite and added blue and black berries in it.

I had 2 cakes. One was a round cake which I frosted in white frosting and then I sprayed it with blue frosting spray. The edging was done in green frosting. Around the cake I sprinkled (a little on the top too) Oreo, and graham cracker crumbs and water melon pop rock. This gives it a nice texture. I cut out little lily pads from fruit roll ups and placed chocolate frogs on them. I also put a few sour sword fish candy on top. It looked really nice. The other cake was a rectangle frosted in white. Then with a black gel icing my husband drew a rain forest frog. The inside we sprayed with red spray frosting and added spots with the black gel (A strawberry dart frog). Then with green gel we added some foliage and decorated with raspberry and blackberry candy (can be bought in bulk at Target) and sprinkled watermelon pop rocks to make it look like little flowers. It looked awesome.

-- Ultimate Frog Birthday Party Themes --

Party Favors

The kids went home after having a time of their life with their goody bags which had a speckled egg (Easter egg) with a plastic frog, frog eraser, and frog stickers in it, frog shaped bubble necklace, and a frog squirter which also came with a rubber tadpole and froglet to show the life cycle of a frog!

-- Ultimate Frog Birthday Party Themes --



-- Ultimate Frog Birthday Party Themes --

Games and Activities

For games, we had pin-the-tongue on the frog (I drew a frog and made long tongues with construction paper), musical lily pads (I made large lily pads with green poster board and laminate for durability), leap frog relays, and frog, frog, tadpole (just like duck, duck, goose). I also had a bucket full of bubble liquid with a wide variety of blowers, a hover disk and a frog shaped beach ball for additional fun. And of course, the kids had a lot of fun trying to break a frog Piñata!!

Around the centerpiece, I placed a lot of frog themed activities for the kids to play if they didn't want to join in the games.

-- Ultimate Frog Birthday Party Themes --

Thank You Notes


-- Ultimate Frog Birthday Party Themes --


Most of the stuff I needed, I ordered at FROGSTORE.COM. I highly recommend them. They had a variety of really cool frog invitations, thank-you notes and paper ware.