Ultimate First Birthday Party Idea for Boys

Are you looking for the Ultimate First Birthday Party Idea? First, you should realize your child’s first birthday is going to be more special to you than your son. Your son will probably not even realize what’s going on other than these people are interrupting his playtime. With that in mind, make sure this wonderful event is planned with one person in mind -- you!

The key to this Ultimate Birthday Party is to keep it simple!

You should be spending all your time with the birthday boy, not running around the kitchen trying to clean up or make some marvelous dinner. This party’s for you, so take lots of pictures and enjoy yourself.

You will find many ideas below on how to make this day even MORE special, but before we get started take a look at these Ultimate Party Packs. They are filled with enough stuff to get this party off to an Ultimate Start!

First Birthday Boy
Hugs and Stiches

-- Ultimate First Birthday Party Idea --


Since this is your son’s first and only first birthday, the best location would probably be at home. You don’t want to overwhelm your son with a new location, loud noises and many other distracters. This party should be planned in a location where you and your friends can spend time with your child and marvel at his graduation to a toddler.

-- Ultimate First Birthday Party Idea --


There are so many different kinds Ultimate Party Invitations you could make right in your own home and all you have to do is be creative. I know for some (like myself) I need some hints to get my creative juices flowing. For that reason, here a couple of ideas for the Ultimate First Birthday Invitation:

*Balloon Invitations: Turn a balloon into an invitation. Write the party information onto blue balloons and mail them to the guests. Have them blow the balloon up to read the invitation.

*Diaper Invitations: Cut out triangles from blue construction paper or felt. Write the invitation on one side of the triangle, fold the bottom corner up and then the sides to create a diaper and pin it with a baby diaper pin.

Now that you have a couple of ideas on the design of the invitation, what should you write in it? Here is a little poem that you could use or alter to fit your taste.

Please join us for some birthday fun
Out little boy is turning ONE!
(Name) is turning ONE!
Won’t you please come and join the fun!
A little cake, a lot of fun.
A little host who’s turning one!
He’s so cute and sweet
and so much fun.
Out little prince
is turning one!
Balloons, streamers and lots of fun
(Name) is turning ONE!

-- Ultimate First Birthday Party Idea --


While you start to decorate your house for your son’s first Ultimate Party, try to keep the decorations at a minimal and incorporate a lot of your child’s toys. Now for some decorating tips:

Attach a bouquet of helium-filled balloons to a light post or mailbox to ensure no one misses the Ultimate Party.

Have a 1st Birthday Mural made for your child. Hang it up right in the center of the party for everyone to marvel at.

Or better yet, how about a personalized tree house. Children love to play in enclosed spaces and crawl through openings. This would be a great feature to your Ultimate Party.

Make sure you have lots of streamers hanging from the ceilings. Put as many balloons as you can get around the house. Young children love to stare at the streamers and balloons, not sure why, but they do.

(Word of caution, clean up any fallen streamers or popped balloons immediately for the children’s safety.)

Take some of your son’s baby pictures and attach them to construction paper. Hang them up on a wall in chronological order. The kids and parents will be attracted to the pictures and will see how beautiful your son was while he was growing up.

-- Ultimate First Birthday Party Idea --

Party Tableware

No matter what theme you have chosen for the party, try to pick out some matching party tableware. This little detail shows that you went the extra step to ensure your child has the Ultimate Party. Of course, the most obvious color for you party is “blue”.

Start by setting the table with all the appropriate silverware creating a place setting for each child. Setting the table with all the tableware creates a much grander effect.

If the cake is ready, set it out. The children will love the close up view!

-- Ultimate First Birthday Party Idea --


Coolest Baby Costumes

Baby costumes are so adorable and having one for your son on his first birthday will definitely add to the party atmosphere. Check out this selection of ultimate baby costumes.

Take a look at this ultimate personalized First Baby Bib. It will be the perfect memento of this Ultimate Occasion.

-- Ultimate First Birthday Party Idea --

Ice Breaker Activities

*Creative Placemats: This activity is a perfect way to get the children involved. Find some clip art of your child’s favorite character online and print them out. Lay out some crayons or other coloring tools and have the children color their “placemats.” No matter what the age, they should be able to put some color on the picture. CAUTION: Make sure you either watch the children closely or put them in a highchair. You wouldn’t want a 1-year old masterpiece on your living room wall.

*Sing-Along: Ask the parents or older children to lead their favorite kids’ tune in a sing-along. The children will love it if the parents dance and clap along too. Get the guests to form a human train and move from room to room with the beat.

*Who am I?: Ask all the guests to bring a photo of them when they were about 1 year old. Collect the photos and store them where no one can see them. After everyone has arrived, hang them on a board and ask everyone to match the pictures to the correct guests. This is loads of fun and great way to get the party started.

-- Ultimate First Birthday Party Idea --

Food – Cake – Refreshments

*First Birthday Party Food Idea:

*Hand Print Sandwiches: Using cardboard, trace your child’s hand and cut it out. Prepare whatever kind of sandwich you desire and cut the sandwich in the shape of your son’s hand.
*Animal Crackers
*Ice Cream

*First Birthday Refreshment Idea:

*Make sure to have some water on hand if your party is outside in the heat
*Anything else your heart desires

*First Birthday Cake Idea:

Making your own cake for the party can either be the most enjoyable or disastrous. If you do some simple planning and follow some tips from here it will be an enjoyable time.

*Birthday Bear: This is the Ultimate Cake for your party. If you can follow directions and bake a cake, then you can make this 3-D Bear Cake. It comes with complete how-to instructions and the cake pan.

*1! Simply bake a cake as normal and cut it in the shape of the number 1. Not to difficult and easy to decorate. Make sure you get a First Birthday candle.

If you are not the “cooking” type, then check out the selection at your local Wal-Mart or Albertsons. If you let them know you are purchasing a cake for your child’s first birthday, they will usually give you a smaller one for free. This is essential considering you want those pictures of your child demolishing the cake.

You can bake or buy almost any cake to fit your child’s birthday theme. Just remember, your son is not old enough to expect some elaborate cake, so have fun making it and enjoy his birthday!

-- Ultimate First Birthday Party Idea --

Party Favors

If older children are going to be attending the party you might want to make up some goody bags.

I would look at purchasing some coloring books, little trinkets, stickers or stamps. These can all be bought at your local toy store or dollar store.

Here is the Ultimate Party Boy Favor Pack that could fit your child’s theme.

-- Ultimate First Birthday Party Idea --


Like a lot of one year olds, they already have too many toys. So when your party guests ask what they should buy him, what do you say? How about this idea…

Tell each guest to contribute a copy of their favorite childhood book to your son’s future library. By the end of the party, you should have a fabulous collection of books. This is better than getting another toy which will end up being stuffed in the toy box.

If you already have a great collection of books or you want your son to get more toys, check out these Ultimate Gift Ideas…

Coolest Baby Costumes

Push and Pull toys are definitely a hot item when children reach the age of one. This Push and Pull toy will surely be winner with your child.ultimate baby costumes.

*Audio/visual toys: Toys that make sounds and have flashing lights are sure to be winners.

If you still can’t find the Ultimate Present, click here.

-- Ultimate First Birthday Party Idea --

Games and Activities

Remember that each Ultimate Game you select to play should involve the children. These games are sure to make the party a blast.

*Time Capsule: This is one of the most Ultimate Party Games and will be remembered by all your guests for years to come. Give all your guests plenty of construction paper, envelopes, colored pencils and anything else you have. Let them write a letter which will be opened by your son at a predetermined age. To save time, let your guests know you will be doing this game and they can prepare the letter ahead of time, if they want. You can select just about anything for the capsule, but try to get some sort of metal can (large coffee cans work great!) You should be able to tape the can shut pretty easily. Write something on the can that says, Do Not Open Until XXXX by (Son’s Name). Don’t forget to include newspaper clippings, magazines, pictures of your home and anything else that you want you child to see in the future. Collect up all the items (including things from the party, like, his bib, balloons, photos, etc.) Close up the capsule and store it in a safe place until the future.

*You think you know my baby? Pass out paper and pens to all your guests and start asking questions. The questions might include, “What time was my son born?” “What’s his middle name?” “Do you know what his first word was” “How old was he, in months, when he took his first step?” There are a million different questions to ask, have fun with it.

*What is this? Want to see how brave your guests are? Try this game. Take between 5 and 10 jars of baby food and remove all labels and markings. Cover the jars and number each one. Provide each guest with paper, pen and spoon. Have them taste each one and write down what they think it is. You’ll be amazed at what people write down, it’s hilarious.

*Story time: Most children love to sit and listen to a book. Sit all the children in a circle to hear the tale. Try to pick a short story because children’s attention span is about as long as this paragraph.

-- Ultimate First Birthday Party Idea --

Thank You Notes

When all the guests have left, you may feel relieved, but the party isn’t over yet. Don’t forget about the Thank You notes. Try to send a picture of your child opening the guest’s gift, if you have one. This will add a special touch to end the Ultimate First Birthday Party.

Check back soon, there will be some free Thank You notes for you to use.

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