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Blue’s Clues Kit-N-Kaboodle

Blue’s Clues Party Theme

-- Ultimate Blue’s Clues Child Party Ideas --


Now it’s time to get started on planning the party, but where do you have it? There are so many options and picking the “right” one can be very difficult to some people. Just remember, as long as your child’s family and friends are there, the location really doesn’t matter to them. So pick somewhere that is convenient and easy for you to setup and clean up in a minimal amount of time…

*Blue’s House: What a perfect way to celebrate your child’s birthday at Blue’s House. Now, I don’t actually mean go to Blue’s house, but transform your house in the Ultimate Blue’s Party location. How you ask? First, you need a little creativity. Second, check out the section on decorations. Finally, review our Ultimate Clip Art and Coloring Pages section. There will be plenty of ideas to help you get started. What are the benefits of having a party at your house? Where do I start? First, you won’t forget that crucial party item (e.g. piñata bat) at home. Second, the reservation for the restaurant might be wrong and when you show up there is no room. Finally, you know where everything is at your house, just in case something unexpected happens. I’m not saying your house is the perfect place because you also take the risk of something getting damaged. So make sure you weigh the pros and cons of each party location before deciding.

*Blue’s Park: Another excellent location for this party theme. Make a list of all the local parks in the area and write down the key features of each one. For example, how much area, is there a playground, trashcan availability, bathrooms, covered areas, average amount of people, etc. You don’t want to show up at an overcrowded park, with no playground, no bathrooms and it begins to rain. Take the initial time in selecting the right park and your party will run a lot smoother.

*Blue’s Party House: Want to rent an establishment for the party location? A lot of establishments will provide you with invitations, discounts on food, a cake, etc. Make sure you find a decent place that provides you with enough stuff to balance out the cost. Don’t be afraid to ask for food discounts and other items, you will be surprised on what they will offer, but only if you ask!

-- Ultimate Blue’s Clues Child Party Ideas --



Picking or creating the Ultimate invitation can a fun and challenging part of the party. I want to help you create the Ultimate invitation that will represent your party theme perfectly. How? I have listed a few ideas to get your creativity juices started in the right direction. Take the ideas, as is, or alter them to fit your personal taste. I am sure with these ideas below you will be able to create the Ultimate Party Invitation!!! Enjoy…

*Store Bought: Not very creative, but still want the perfect invitation? Here are two different invitations to choose from. Blue’s Clues Kit-N-Kaboodle and Blue’s Clues Party Theme invitations just for you.

*Blue’s Invitation: Simply make an invitation on your computer placing Blue’s clip art on the front, inside and back. On the inside here a sample message you can use:

You’re invited to a party and here’s your first clue
Blue and her friend (child’s name) will be waiting for you
It’s (child’s name)’s birthday and we’re going to celebrate
The party starts at (time) on (day)(date)
The party is at (name)’s house (address)
You won’t want to be late
Blue hopes you’re ready for fun ‘cuz she can’t wait!
P.S. Wear blue from head to toe so Blue will recognize you!

*Blue’s Clues: Write the invitation on a notepad that tears off from the top. Usually Blue gives 3 clues so you could put the message on 3 papers to give the invitation the same format as the show. Put the notes inside a metallic blue mailing tube along with blue confetti, blue jelly beans, blue candy, blue dog cut out of paper or doggie foot prints.

*Note Books: Purchase small notebooks that are blank on the outside. Trace a paw print on the outside of the notebook and cut the notebook to look like a paw print. Color the paw print with blue crayons. On the inside, draw three figures as clues on 3 different pages. They could be a cake, party hats and some presents. On the fourth page write, “can you guess what we can do with these three things?” On the fifth page write the answer, “Have a Birthday Party!” Write the pertinent party information, place them in a big envelope and send them.

*Blue’s Clues: This is a great invitation to get the guests excited about your party theme. Start by purchasing some blank postcards. Purchase enough so each guest gets a postcard three days in a row in the mail. The first postcard will say, “Blue left us a clue, do you see? A birthday hat for you and me! Two more clues we need to find, to figure out what Blue has on her mind!” On the front put stickers of birthday hats, confetti and ribbon. Stamp it with a blue paw print. Put the verse on the other side next to the address. The next postcard will read, “It’s clue number two! There are so many balloons I see, now we need to look for clue number three!” This time use balloon stickers, etc. The final postcard uses two verses. On the front put, “You found another paw print. A birthday cake is the last clue! So sit down in your thinking chair and think, think, think…What could Blue want you to do?” Put a birthday cake sticker next to it with a paw print. Then on the back put, “Come to a Birthday Party! But for who? (Child’s name)!!! And he/she love Blue’s Clues!!” Finally, add the pertinent party information.

-- Ultimate Blue’s Clues Child Party Ideas --


Picking out, setting up and fine tuning the decorations can be a long tedious process. But, there is hope, because with a little planning and creativity, it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of the party. I have compiled ideas that start with the outside and work there way inside. You can use all, some or none of the ideas, but no matter which ones you choose, they will all help you turn your party location into the Ultimate Party Location.

First, we begin with the outside decorations.

Attach a bouquet of helium filled balloons to a light post or mailbox so there will be no mistaking where the fun will be that day!

Use blue Car Chalk to draw a paw print path leading up the sidewalk to your doorway!

If the day of your party is sunny and bright, this personalized Color-your-own Doghouse is the perfect outdoor decoration and activity center for the party. If the weather is disappointing, just move the lightweight decoration inside, and move ahead cheerfully…just like Blue and Joe would.

Here are some simple directions to create Steve’s house. First, obtain a large box and cut it open so it will stand up like a large screen. Get poster board in yellow, green, blue and red and make Steve’s house by following a picture from our Blue’s Clues clip art page. If you are really motivated you can make the tree with the swing and add clouds and flowers. Next, get a picture of Blue from our coloring pages and enlarge it, which will enable you to trace it on the blue poster board. Cut out one of the windows and place blue in it. Finally, you can make the other characters the same way you made Blue and place them around the house.

Now, let’s move inside the party location and decorate…

Let’s start with the simple decorating. Tie helium balloons of different shades of blue in clusters of 3 or 5 to the back of chairs or tucked into corners. Use a helium tank to fill them instead of buying balloons from a party store and trying to cram them into your car. Make sure to tie a bunch of balloons to the birthday child’s chair. If you choose not to use helium, tie balloons to varying lengths of curling ribbon, and hang them from the ceiling or from light fixtures throughout the house.

Also, this Blue’s Clues Mylar balloon will go perfect with your theme and your child will surely love it!!!

Next, let’s move on to another simple, yet familiar decorating item, Streamers. Streamers offer an economical way to splash lots of color around the site of the party. Create a fun and colorful effect by draping dark blue and light blue metallic streamers from the center of the ceiling to the walls on each side of the room. The streamers can be twisted after they are anchored to a ceiling wall or table for a more dimensional look. Two different colored streamers can be placed back to back and twisted for a unique look. They also look terrific hanging from doorframes or cascading vertically down walls.

By using a swirl craft punch you can create some fantastic confetti for the tables and counters. It is a great effect that doesn’t require much time to create.

You wouldn’t want to have a Blue’s Clues party without one of the leading characters, would you? Why don’t you invite Mailbox to your party? A standard mailbox can be purchased from a discount store for $3.00-$5.00. Add a smile, eyes, and a "signal", and you have an Ultimate centerpiece that can be filled with treats or snacks. The children will love finding out what’s inside Mailbox.

How about some simple, inexpensive party hats? You need to acquire blue party hats, blue sticker dots, yellow paint pen and some curling ribbon. Start by placing the dots on the hat, then make little swirls with the yellow paint pen and top off each hat with about 3 strands of light blue curling ribbon.

Nothing says a party better than a Birthday Banner. Or better yet, a personalized Blue’s Clues Birthday Banner. If a banner doesn’t fit your budget, you can put together 12 different “flags” with a different character on each one.

These Ultimate Blue’s Clues Child Party Ideas should get you well started in the decorating process. Remember to check back, because I will be adding new ideas all the time, after I create them.

-- Ultimate Blue’s Clues Child Party Ideas --

Party Tableware

The colors of the party should be pretty simple. I would stick with different shades of blue or maybe green to match Steve. You could also throw in some Black and White for Salt and Pepper. After you have selected the party theme colors, move on to selecting either printed or solid color party tableware.

Looking for store bought pre-printed party tableware? Great, here is an Ultimate selection of Blue’s Clues Kit-N-Kaboodle plates, cups, napkins, forks, knives, etc

Looking for a different Blue’s Clues party tableware. Here is another great selection of Blue’s Clues party theme plates, cups, napkins, forks, knives, etc

Going solo on your party theme? Can’t find a matching theme party tableware? Then take a look at the silverware, plates, napkins, etc in solid colors. You’re guaranteed to find a color that matches your theme.

-- Ultimate Blue’s Clues Child Party Ideas --


Now that you have picked out the location, selected a few decorations and picked the theme colors and party tableware, what is your child going to wear? Your child would definitely love to dress up as Blue and I bet they would love his parents to come as Salt and Pepper. If that’s true, good news, because you now have a chance to fulfill their wishes…

Speaking of fulfilling wishes, here is your chance. Take a look at this great Salt and Pepper costume that your child and party guests will love!!!

Blue’s Clues Costume

Click on the Blue’s Clues costume for a larger view. Your child will remember this party forever if you let them dress as their favorite character, Blue!!!

-- Ultimate Blue’s Clues Child Party Ideas --

Ice Breaker Activities


Let those who arrive early play with Bubbles while they wait for the other guests to arrive.

Don’t forget to check out the great collection of coloring pages I have compiled. This is a great activity to keep the children occupied until the party starts. Plus, you can send them home in their goody bag.

A simple game of Blue, Blue, Magenta (i.e. duck, duck, goose) is a great ice breaker activity. You can keep adding children to the circle when they arrive. I have yet to find a child who doesn’t like this game, it’s a classic!!!

Freeze Dance is another great game to get kids acquainted. The game doesn’t require a certain number of kids, so they can join in as they arrive. Pick out your child’s favorite music and play it as the kids dance. If you stop the music, they must freeze. If not, they are out until all the children have been eliminated. Kids love to dance and play games, which makes this an Ultimate Ice Breaker Activity.

Give each child a headband with blue dog ears (made out of craft foam or construction paper). Let them decorate it with blue dots (those stick dots used for labeling files, available at office goods stores). You could also paint a blue dog nose on each child with blue face paint. A beaded necklace dog collar with metal i.d. tag will complete the look! Then the little ones can run around and pretend to be dogs for awhile.

-- Ultimate Blue’s Clues Child Party Ideas --


Picking out the perfect food, refreshments, treats and cake should be a fun experience. Think of clever names for each item that relates back to the Blue’s Clues theme. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Blue’s Clues Child Party Ideas for Food

*Dogs in a Blanket: To make, purchase your favorite hot dogs, cheese and refrigerated croissants. Cut the hot dogs in half and slice the cheese into thin slices. Unroll the croissants and stuff them with the hot dogs and cheese. Roll them back up and bake them as directed or until golden brown.
*Doggie Bone Sandwiches: What you need: bread, peanut butter & jelly, and dog bone-shaped cookie cutters. Spread the peanut butter on one piece of bread and the jelly on the other. Put the two pieces together creating a sandwich. Cut the sandwich with the bone shaped cookie cutter.
*Blueberry Muffins
*Fruit Kabobs: Cut your child’s favorite fruits into chunks and place on trays. Pass out wooden skewers, with the sharp tips broken off, and let the children create their own fruit kabobs. Try to have extra parents and older children to help the younger children at the party.
*Blue Corn Tortilla Chips
*Serve chips in a large dog dish marked “Blue.”
*Blue’s Mac n’ cheese
*You can pick a lot of different foods for this theme, but if you can, color the foods blue
*Also, you can serve the food and snacks in dog dishes or pails with shovels

Blue’s Clues Child Party Ideas for Refreshments

*7-up with blue Kool-Aid ice cubes
*Blue Punch
*Blue’s Shake: 2 cups ice cream, 1 ¼ cups low fat milk, 3 tablespoons sugar, and blue food coloring. Place the first three ingredients in a blender and mix until combined. Add food coloring a little at a time until mixture is the desired shade of blue.
*Magenta Punch: raspberry, sherbert, sprite, and berry punch juice concentrate
*Blue’s Lemonade: You can make this simple drink by adding 1 pint of pureed blueberries. This will surely be a hit at the party!
*You can serve the drinks that children love, such as, Capri Suns, Koolaid Koolers, Koolaid Jammers, boxed juice, etc.

Blue’s Clues Child Party Ideas for Treats

*Serve snacks such as cheese balls, pretzels or fruit in a Plastic Beach Pail & Shovel Set. Paint Blue's Clues style faces on both with puffy paint. Allow the paint to dry overnight, then glue the shovel to the side of the pail with a hot glue gun. Easy, inexpensive, and an authentic decoration!
*Blue Jell-O Jigglers
*Blue Cinnamon Ice Cream: Let vanilla get to room temperature, then add blue food coloring & cinnamon, mix and freeze.
*Paw Print Cookies
*Saucy Dog Bone Snacks: Use a dog bone cookie cutter and cut bones out of refrigerator dough bread sticks; bake according to package directions. While the bones are still warm, brush the tops with butter or a little olive oil and sprinkle with a generous amount of parmesan cheese. Pour marinara sauce or spaghetti sauce into individual bowls. Give one to each guest so they can dip and eat their yummy doggie treats.
*Blue Jelly Beans
*Dog Chow: Any mix of Chex Mix will work
*Blue Popsicles
*Blue Cotton Candy

Blue’s Clues Child Party Ideas for Cake

Deciding on whether you are going to make or buy the Ultimate cake is a tough decision. It mainly depends on how much time you have and how many guests are coming. I would suggest for a smaller party, you try and make that Ultimate cake. But if there is going to be a large number of guests, maybe a large cake made by the baker is the best decision. It’s up to you, but here are some ideas on making an Ultimate Blue’s Clues cake.

Paw Print Cake: Make a round cake for the main portion and cupcakes for the paw pads. Frost with blue frosting.

Handy Dandy Notebook Cake: Bake a square cake. Frost the top in neon green with a red frosting-thinking chair. Pipe black around edge, yellow on the sides and black on the bottom edge. Use red licorice strings cut short and stuck in top edge to make spiral.

Blue’s Clues Cake Recipe...

Check out this Ultimate Blue’s Clues Cake. Click on the cake to get the recipe! This will definitely be the highlight of the party.

-- Ultimate Blue’s Clues Child Party Ideas --

Party Favors

*Dog Bones
*Dog Tag Keychain
*Clear Putty
*Bubbles with party slogan
*Blue’s Clues Stickers
*Blue’s Clues Treat Bags
*Blue’s Clues Favor Packs

-- Ultimate Blue’s Clues Child Party Ideas --


Ultimate Blue’s Clues Present

Click here for the Ultimate selection of Blue’s Clues Toys. Need something besides a Blue’s Clues toy? Click here for the Ultimate selection of toys.

-- Ultimate Blue’s Clues Child Party Ideas --

Games and Activities

Looking for the Ultimate Blue’s Clues Games and Activities? I have dedicated a whole page for these games. I know you will find enough choices to fill the games section of your Ultimate Blue’s Clues Party.

Before we get to those games, check out these Ultimate Piñatas. Your child will definitely love them!!!

Now it’s time for the games. Check them out here.

-- Ultimate Blue’s Clues Child Party Ideas --

Thank You Notes

Now the parties over, what do you do? Plan the next one? Sure, but you don’t want to forget about the guests that helped you celebrate your child’s birthday. Make sure to send them some type of thank you note. Whether it is store bought or hand made, just make to get it out no later than a week past the party. Also, if you took any pictures at the party, try to include one in each invitation. Here is a great thank you note to send out. I feel this invitation is the Ultimate Note to end the Ultimate Blue’s Clues Child Party Ideas.

-- Ultimate Blue’s Clues Child Party Ideas --