Ultimate Movie Child Birthday Party Themes

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Now to start this adventure, you will notice how the ideas are delivered in a specific format. We will start with picking a party location, making an invitation and continuing on until we have prepared the Ultimate Thank You Cards.

And don't forget to submit your best Movie Party Idea for a chance at winning some GREAT prizes!!!

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But before we get started, take a look at this great party pack. It includes just about everything for any Ultimate Movie Child Birthday Party Themes.


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Now it’s time to plan the location of an Ultimate Child Birthday Party Themes, but where do you have it? There are so many options and picking the “right” one can be very difficult for some people. Just remember, as long as your child’s family and friends are there, the location really doesn’t matter to them. So pick somewhere that is convenient and easy for you to setup and clean up in a minimal amount of time…

* Drive-in Theater: Take your children back to the era of Drive in movie theaters. Most kids these days haven't even seen a drive in theater let alone been to one. Now who better than you to come up with some really Ultimate decorations to transform your front room into a drive in theater. Well don't worry if you don't have a ton of ideas because I have put together some of my own. So to get started, I would suggest checking out our selection of Clip Art and Coloring Pages. You will find so much information you won't be able to use it all!!! Now what are the benefits of having a party at your home? You might be thinking NO WAY!!! But wait, first I know you won’t forget any crucial party items at your home (e.g. piñata bat). Second, that reservation won’t get screwed up…because you are already there! Finally, you know where everything is, how convenient. Now don’t get me wrong, you do run the risk of damage and such, but make suire you weigh the benefits and risks and pick what’s best for you!

* Movie Theater: Get the kids out of the house for awhile...what an idea! Pick a movie that's is in the theater that the kids would love. But before you load the kids in the car and take 'em off to this wonderful showing, add the movie title on the invitations to make sure all the parents are "Ok" with their children seeing this movie. Also, call the theater ahead of time and check if they offer any birthday pacakages. They might offer discounts on tickets and food!

-- Ultimate Movie Child Birthday Party Themes --


Picking out or designing the Ultimate invitation can either be a fun or challenging part of the party. It all depends on how much time you have, what type of planning you want to do and how much thought you put in to it. I want to help “you” create the Ultimate invitation that will represent your party theme perfectly and impress your party guests. How? Well, I have listed a few ideas to get your creativity juices flowing. Take these ideas, as is, or alter them to fit “your” taste. I am sure with the ideas listed below you will be able to create the Ultimate Party Invitation!!! Enjoy…

* Store/Internet Bought: If you are reading this idea, it's probably because you don't have the time to create an Ultimate Invitation? Or maybe you just like a store bought invitations better. It doesn’t matter, here are a couple of great invitations you can choose from that will fit your party theme perfectly. Movie Night Invitation or Lights, Camera, Action Invitation

* Invitation Help: As you start to create this invitation masterpiece, don't forget to check out the Movie clip art for lots of different pictures. They will help you design the inside and out. Good Luck!

* Party Slogan: Before we get into the designing process, why don’t you pick out a party slogan? Pick something that your party will be developed around. Here are a few ideas to help you:

1. Movie Night!

2. "Child's Name" Drive-In Theater

Before we get started, I have listed a few ideas on the design of the invitation and then I will give ideas on what to say inside.

* Movie Child Birthday Party Themes Invitation #1: Create an invitation that resembles a movie ticket. Print them on colored paper and use a hole punch on the ends to look like a ticket.

* Movie Child Birthday Party Themes Invitation #2: After creating your invitation using movie clipart, include an "Admit One" ticket.  

* Movie Invitation #3: Cut large (3'x 5") movie ticket shapes out of construction paper or poster board.  Make up a name for your theater (i.e. Cameron's Birthday Theater) and write the name in big letters on one side of the "tickets".  On the other side, write the pertinent information, i.e. time, date etc., inviting your guests to join you at your "Movie Party". In the envelope with the ticket, you should also include "coupons"... a few for 1 free drink at the snack counter, 1 free bag of popcorn, and a couple for 1 free candy of your choice... use your imagination. If this is a kids party, include extra tickets in the envelopes for the parents or parent of the child.

* Movie Invitation #4: Use your computer to create a small card. On the front it can read, "Coming Soon to a Theatre near you, "Child's Name" Birthday Party", on the inside include more movie clipart and where, when and how details. Then punch a hole in the corner of the invite and a microwavable bag of popcorn, tie together with curling ribbon, put them inside small manila envelopes and make a label with a film accent and the child's name.    

* Here is a list of sayings you could include in your party invitations *

Admit 1 "child's Last Name" Productions
is proud to present the premier of
"child's first name" "age" birthday party!
Date: Time: Place:

Not redeemable anywhere except "Child's Name" party! 
Please bring this ticket with your to be entered
in a drawing to win a cool prize!

Please join me for my fun-filled "age" birthday party!
We'll meet at my house at "time" sharp
and then head on over to a movie theatre
to take in the latest kids' flick
Tell your mom and dad we'll fill them in
on the details before the actual party!

* Don't forget to add the RSVP, location, time, date, and other pertinent party information on the invitation

-- Ultimate Movie Child Birthday Party Themes --


Picking out, setting up and fine tuning the decorations can be a long tedious process. But, there is hope, because with a little planning and creativity, it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of the party. I have compiled ideas that start with the outside decorations and finishes with the inside decorations. You can use all, some or none of the ideas, but no matter which ones you choose, they will help you turn your party location into the Ultimate Party Location.

Of course if you decide to take the children to the movie theater your decorations are going to be minimal. But if the guests are going to be at your house for any amount of time, I would suggest putting a few decorations up around the meeting area. If you are staying home, keep reading, because you will find a lot of ideas for decorating you home.

First, let's start with the outdoor decorations:

Attach a bouquet of helium filled balloons to a light post or mailbox so there will be no mistaking where the fun will be that day!

As the children arrive, have them greeted by a lighted-movie marquee (dry erase board with Christmas lights stapled around the edges announcing "Celebration Drive-In Presents: "child's name" "age" Birthday Party".

A red carpet leading into the house from the driveway.

Check out this awesome Lights, Camera, Action Door Decoration.

Now, let’s move inside the party location and decorate…

Let’s start with the simple decorating. Tie helium balloons of different shades of turquiose, blue, yellow, black or white in clusters of 3 or 5 to the back of chairs or tucked into corners. Don't forget to tie a bunch of balloons to the birthday child’s chair. If you choose not to use helium, tie balloons to varying lengths of curling ribbon, and hang them from the ceiling or from light fixtures throughout the house.

Next, let’s move on to another simple, yet familiar decorating item, Streamers. Streamers offer an economical way to splash lots of color around the site of the party. Create a fun and colorful effect by draping rainbow colored metallic streamers from the center of the ceiling to the walls on each side of the room. The streamers can be twisted after they are anchored to a ceiling wall or table for a more dimensional look. Two different colored streamers can be placed back to back and twisted for a unique look. After you are done, it should look like a spiral rainbow above the room! They also look terrific hanging from doorframes or cascading vertically down walls.

Place the TV or big screen at one side of the room and place large, blank packing boxes in front of the screen. The boxes will serve as the "cars", and have markers, glue, construction paper wheels and hub caps and make-your-own license plates (letter stickers were used for this project) for each child to decorate their vehicle.

Have a movie area set up in a room with a concession stand and lots of pillows for the kids to use while watching the movie.  Each kid could get a wallet with play money to buy their own movie ticket and snack at the concession stand.

Go to your local theater and ask for any movie posters and promo items that they are going to throw out. They will usually give them to you for free. You can also get movie posters at the supermarkets and movie rental places for fairly cheap.

Cut movie reel and movie ticket shapes out of posterboard, color them and hang them on the walls.

Cut out large stars from poster board, cover them with aluminum foil, and write each guests name on one. Hang these from the ceiling. 

You can also hang a sign that says "Refreshment Counter" over your snack area.

Here is another great idea for a "movie theater" setup. Place your largest TV and VCR on a desk at the center of one wall. Then place various chairs in front of the TV. Place rope lights down the "center aisle" of the chairs to appear like the step lights at a real movie theatre. Also place a low wattage bulb in your light to give the "dim" appearance as children entered the "theatre". On a large picture window place a large piece of poster board with the words "Now Showing" and your movie title.  Make a border around the posterboard by sticking Christmas lights through the back to the front.  The sign then appears like a lit marquee sign.

Another great idea is to print out some great pictures from our Movie Clip Art Page. Have them laminated and place them around the party area

-- Ultimate Movie Child Birthday Party Themes --

Party Tableware

The colors of the party should be pretty simple. I would stick with turquiose, blue, yellow, black or white. After you have selected the party theme colors, decide on whether you will use either printed or solid color party tableware.

Here is a great selection of Movie Child Birthday Party Themes tableware:

* Movie Luncheon Napkins
* Movie Dessert Napkins
* Movie Dinner plates
* Movie Dessert plates
* Movie Table cover
* Movie Cups
* Movie Popcorn Bags

Going solo on your party theme? Can’t find any party theme tableware you like? Then take a look at the silverware, plates, napkins, etc in solid colors. You’re guaranteed to find a color that matches your theme

-- Ultimate Movie Child Birthday Party Themes --


Now that you have picked out the location, selected a few decorations and picked the theme colors and party tableware, what is your child going to wear at the Ultimate Movie Child Birthday Party Themes? Wouldn’t your child love to dress up as an user? What about as a concessionaire? I know they would, so here is a perfect chance to let them. Check out these Ultimate costumes!!

First, check out these great Face Paint Crayons. You can decorate the children however you want!!!

There is no perfect costume for this party theme, but I would suggest having your child dress up to match the movie title. For example, if you are watching the Lion King, have them wear a costume from that movie.

To find that perfect costume, check out this ultimate party costume store.

-- Ultimate Movie Child Birthday Party Themes --

Ice Breaker Activities

Let those who’ve arrived early play with Bubbles while they wait for the other guests to arrive.

Don’t forget to check out the great collection of coloring pages I have compiled. A coloring activity is a great way to keep the children occupied until the party starts. Plus, you can send them home in their goody bag.

A simple game of Ticket, Ticket, Show (i.e. duck, duck, goose) is a great ice breaker activity. You can keep adding children to the circle after they arrive. I have yet to find a child who doesn't like this game, it’s a classic!!!

Freeze Dance is another great game to get kids acquainted. The game doesn't require a certain number of kids, so they can join in as they arrive. Play the soundtrack from the movie you are showing at the party as the kids dance. If you stop the music, they must freeze. If they don’t freeze, they are out. The game restarts after all the children have been eliminated except one. Kids love to dance and play games, which makes this an Ultimate Ice Breaker Activity.

Have the children decorate a large birthday banner in honor of your child that says, “Happy Birthday, Name”. You can get a large roll of paper from a store like Target. Give the children crayons, stickers, and other such items to use

-- Ultimate Movie Child Birthday Party Themes --


Picking out the perfect food, refreshments, treats and cake should be a fun experience. Think of clever names for each item that relates back to the Movie theme. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Movie Child Birthday Party Themes Idea for Food:

Before you serve the food, attach names to the dishes that relate to the movie you are showing! Think of food that you would normally purchase at a movie theater. Also, setup a concession stand where the children can "purchase" their food before the movie starts.

* Pizza
* Hot Dogs and Hamburgers
* Sandwiches
* Candy

Movie Child Birthday Party Themes Idea for Refreshments:

* Get different types of sodas
* Lemonade
* Slushies
* You can serve the drinks that children love, such as, Capri Suns, Kool-Aid Koolers, Kool-Aid Jammers, boxed juice, etc.

Movie Child Birthday Party Themes Idea for Cake:

Deciding on whether you are going to make or buy the Ultimate cake is a tough decision. It mainly depends on how much time you have and how many guests are coming. I would suggest for a smaller party, you try and make that Ultimate cake. But if there is going to be a large number of guests, maybe a large cake made by the baker would be the best decision. It’s up to you, but here are some ideas on making an Ultimate Movie cake.

Cake: Make a wavy line shape to look like a film roll. Decorate it with frosting to match the real colors.

Instead of serving a cake, you could offer the children different types of candy bars.

Make a cake that resembles an Oscar or a Camera.

Make a 9x13 cake and cut it in the shape of a popcorn bucket and decorate it accordingly w/real popcorn coming out the top.

Purchase a store-bought cake that matches the theme of the movie you are showing at the party

-- Ultimate Movie Child Birthday Party Themes --

Party Favors

* Sparkling Wheel Toy
* Hi-Bounce Orbit Ball
* Mini Spring
* Flashing Top
* Oscar Award
Glow in the Dark Stars

-- Ultimate Movie Child Birthday Party Themes --


Your present should relate back to the movie you choose to go see or show at your house. If you know what the movie is going to be, check out this great toy store for a great selection of presents.

Click here for the Ultimate Child Birthday Parties toys

-- Ultimate Movie Child Birthday Party Themes --

Games and Activities

Looking for the Ultimate Movie Games and Activities? I have dedicated a whole page for these games. I know you will find enough choices to fill the games section of your Ultimate Movie Party.

If you are going to have a pinata at your party, check out this great pinata store where they sell a pinata for just about every movie theme you could be showing at your party.

Now it’s time for the Ultimate Movie Child Birthday Party Themes Games. Check them out here

-- Ultimate Movie Child Birthday Party Themes --

Thank You Notes

Now the parties over, what do you do? Start planning the next one? Sure, but you don’t want to forget about the guests that helped you celebrate your child’s birthday. Make sure to send out some type of Thank You note. Whether it is store bought or hand made, just make sure to get it out no later than a week after the party. Also, if you took any pictures at the party, make sure to include one in each invitation. No matter what Thank You note you choose it will end any Ultimate Movie Child Birthday Party Themes perfectly.

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