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Ultimate Bowling Child Birthday Games

Need the Ultimate Bowling Child Birthday Games???

Good…because that is what you’re going to find here…the best!

This list of games is growing everyday, so check back often. Or if you figure out a new "Bowling" themed game, please send it in so we can share it with the rest of the world.

Before we get started I have listed a few survival tips to help your party run smoother:

First, make sure you select games you think your child will love and pick some back-ups, just in case. Next, setup a schedule of events before the party on which games will be played, what order and a time limit. Finally, don’t forget the “fun” factor in the party. Not every child is going to win every event, so make sure each event is designed to be “fun”, “loud” and “enjoyable”.

Hopefully these tips will help reduce your party stress and allow you to enjoy the party. So have fun at the Ultimate Party!

Oh yeah, don’t forget the camera!!!

And don't forget to submit your best Child Birthday Games idea for a chance at winning some GREAT prizes!!!

-- Ultimate Bowling Child Birthday Games --

* Go Bowling!!!: I am going to start with the most obvious. Take those party guests to the lanes and watch them bowl their hearts out. Don’t worry, if you think my Ultimate idea is to watch the children play “regular” bowling, then you are mistaken. Keep reading the other games for some “twists”.

-- Ultimate Bowling Child Birthday Games --

* My legs or yours?: Twist #1 – Have each child roll the ball between their legs…oops, did I say “their legs”, I mean the birthday child’s legs. Watch the children fall down laughing as they “attempt” to roll it between your child’s legs. It’s a blast!!!

-- Ultimate Bowling Child Birthday Games --

* Up, down, backwards, etc: Twist #2 - I think the name says it all. Let the children bowl backwards, forwards, upside down, around, you name it and the children will attempt it. After they get the hang of it, let them experiment with some “new” moves. Make sure you get this on tape or good pictures, because everyone will be laughing at what these children come up with.

-- Ultimate Bowling Child Birthday Games --

* Glow in the dark: When you’re making the reservation for the party, check and see if they have the capability for glow in the dark bowling. If they do, ask if they could accommodate your party and turn the lights off. The children will absolutely love bowling in the dark. Everything glows, music is playing and the party will be unforgettable.

-- Ultimate Bowling Child Birthday Games --

* Home style bowling: Decided to do the party at home? No problem, here is a perfect way to play bowling at home. Before the party, start collecting 2 liter soda bottles. The day before the party, make a slit in each bottle and stuff them with candy and other party favors. This will help add weight to the pins. During the party, use the pins in the “at home” bowling party. The great thing is, these pins are perfect party favors, because they are already stocked with goodies.

-- Ultimate Bowling Child Birthday Games --

* Strike!: Create your own version of bowling from the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey game! Before the party, draw and cut out 10 bowling pins from white construction paper. Next, cut out a bowling ball out of construction paper for each guest and stick a piece of tape on the back. When it’s time to bowl, stick each pin to the wall in a triangle formation.

Next, blindfold the first child and give them a bowling ball. Spin them around 3 times and aim them at the pins. The player who places the ball closest to the first pin, or whatever one you designate, is the winner.

-- Ultimate Bowling Child Birthday Games --

* Bowling Coloring Pages: Give each guest an activity booklet with coloring pages to either do at your party, or to take home in a goody bad. Check out our Ultimate Bowling Coloring Pages.

-- Ultimate Bowling Child Birthday Games --

* High/Low: If the children are old enough to understand competition, you could award prizes for the highest and lowest game. Hopefully your guests aren’t to over competitive, but a little friendly competition never huts anyone.

-- Ultimate Bowling Child Birthday Games --

* Crazy Bowling: Here is another great game, but the children must be able to follow directions. Make a list of criteria that the bowlers must follow for each frame of the game. For example, bowl with your back turned, bowl with your eyes closed, bowl between the birthday child’s legs, bowl while balanced on one foot, bowl with the opposite hand, etc. Let the kids make up their own challenges for crazy bowling. They will love it!


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