Paul & Julie's Cartoon Characters Party Submission

Age: 4

First, thanks Paul & Julie for your Cartoon Characters Party Submission! It will be a great addition to the site.

Let me tell you, there are some great ideas in this party that I know you could use in your future Cartoon Characters Party.

All the information contained in this party submission mirrors all the party themes format.

Starting with the invitations and finishing at the thank you notes, you are going to find everything you need to throw that Ultimate Birthday Party!

Once again, thank you Paul & Julie for these wonderful party ideas and I hope the readers will be able to utilize them in their future parties!

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This is a perfect theme for children who LOVE Dr. Seuss books - like mine! My twins were very excited about the ideas and preparations involved - and it was fun planning since it coincided with Dr. Seuss's 100 years celebration. I found wonderful websites and teaching publications geared toward Dr. Seuss books, activities and prizes –,,,

-- Ultimate Cartoon Characters Party Submission --



-- Ultimate Cartoon Characters Party Submission --


I found a very cute 4 x 9 smiling Cat (Book:Cat in the Hat) from a coloring book. My twins cut it out, and then cut out a red bow tie and red stripes to glue to the Cat (very, very cute!).  Turn the Cat over and find a Dr. "Seussish" poem: "We're having a party!/It's plain as can be!/Come celebrate with us!/Dum Ditty Dee!/ The Cat will be there along with the Fish,/Horton & Sam, the Grinch.../...and we WISH/That you would come too!/We'll have much more fun!/We'll play in the rain.../...We'll play in the sun!/So get in your Who-train!/Start making tracks!/Meet us all at the Prairie of Prax!/We're having a party!  It's plain as can be!/Come celebrate with us.../...Dum Ditty/...Dum Ditty/...Dum Ditty Dee!/ And then include the date, time, location, etc.  Use red envelopes 4 1/8 x 9 1/2, and don't forget the Dr. Seuss stamps that we're just release from the Post Office this month - get extras for thank you notes

-- Ultimate Cartoon Characters Party Submission --


1) Our favorite book characters come to life on our driveway using sidewalk chalk! 

2) Bundles of Red, Yellow, Green, White, Orange and Blue balloons inflated with helium and staked along side of driveway- making the driveway look very festive as guests walk up.

3) Near the house they see a poster board sign with another poem: Henry and Hannah/Are in the back (arrow)/Looking for the/Cat in the Hat!/ -

4) Children's music is played from our outdoor speakers.

5) An artificial Christmas tree is where children put their birthday gifts.(Book:The Grinch...)

6) A red party tent is put up in the yard with stars and balloons hanging from it. (Book: Sneetches) Children's table is under the tent for crafts and dinning.

7) All other tables are decorated in red and white plastic, with Cat in the Hat plush toys used as centerpieces. 

8) The stuffed animals all have a cleaver Cat in the Hat verse tied around it's neck, with a child's name attached - so that after the party they will know it's theirs to take home.

9) My twins are wearing outfits made from Dr. Seuss fabric - found at Wal-Mart or Joann Etc.  (Sundress - Girl, T-shirt & Shorts Boy)

10) The yard has poster board signs all around with verses from books - i.e. "Very well Sir/Step this way/We'll find a/New game to play/(Book:Fox in Sox) or "If you never did, you should/These things are fun/and fun is good/(Book:One Fish, Two Fish...)etc.

-- Ultimate Cartoon Characters Party Submission --

Party Tableware

-- Ultimate Cartoon Characters Party Submission --


-- Ultimate Cartoon Characters Party Submission --

Ice Breaker Activities

-- Ultimate Cartoon Characters Party Submission --


Keeping with the theme!

1) Green Eggs and Ham (Book)(white chocolate melted in egg molds, topped with green colored chocolate, served on a platter of ham sandwiches! - Could make deviled eggs if not sitting out)

2) Who Hash (Book:The Grinch...) Cheesy Hash brown potatoes.

3) Red Fish, Blue Fish… Gigglers Jell-O - Cut out with fish cookie cutters (Book:…One Fish, Two Fish) 

4) ABC Cookies (Book: Dr. Seuss's ABC's) William Sonoma has great cookie cutters of the alphabet, frost and serve on platter!

5) Snacks with Brown & Black (Book:Hop on Pop) Tray of Bananas, apples, PB&J sandwiches and milk!

6) Schlopp!!  (Ice Cream sundaes with a cherry on top!) (Book: The things you can think) - Serve with Cake.

Cake: The Cat's Hat (like invitations).  Take a sheet cake and cut the shape of the Cat's hat and color red and white stripes (Wilton pan and decorating tips work really well). Bright colored cupcakes to accompany the Schlopp for children - during gift opening.

-- Ultimate Cartoon Characters Party Submission --

Party Favors

Red lunch bags with graphics made from the computer (Cat, Grinch, Max and Fish). Filled with candy from egg hunt, stickers from Cat in the Hat visit, colors and homemade coloring book of Seuss characters - made from computer. Everyone went home with his or her plush toy.

-- Ultimate Cartoon Characters Party Submission --


-- Ultimate Cartoon Characters Party Submission --

Games and Activities

1) String Fruit Loop name tags (each child makes a bright colored necklace with a name medallion)- like Sam's!(Book:Green Eggs & Ham)

2) Read "The Foot Book" and have children finger paint their feet and stamp on paper - very, very fun!

3) "Red Fish, Blue Fish, One Fish..." Fish Pond - where children search through foam fish (dollar store) and balloons for treasure!  (Treasure includes a bag with adhesive foam, gems, feathers, etc. for the next activity.)  

4) Outrageous Hats Craft (Book: 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins) - decorate plan party hats with adhesive craft bags - easy and fun (very Seussish!) 

5) Green Eggs Egg Hunt! (Book:Green Eggs & Ham)  Sort your green plastic eggs from Easter, fill with deflated green balloons and candy, and hide through out the yard. 

6) Balloon Release! (Book:Oh! The Places You'll Go!) Have your helium tank handy to inflate those deflated green balloons from egg hunt.  Tie green curling ribbon to balloon, and have children release at the same time…  4 and 5 year olds LOVE this!!!!

7) A visit and photos with the Cat in the Hat - who passes out stickers (found at Sam's Club - clearance!) The photos are great for the thank you notes!

Pinata: A bright colored piñata makes every party complete!  I had individual bags made for children to avoid stampedes or hurt feelings.

-- Ultimate Cartoon Characters Party Submission --

Thank You Notes

"Oh! The THANKS you can THANK!" (Book: Oh! The things you can think) With a picture of each child and the "Cat in the Hat!" A truly unique, funtabulous, Seussical - silly party! It was a BLAST!

-- Ultimate Cartoon Characters Party Submission --


Thank you so much UKBP!