Ultimate Candy Land Birthday Party Plan


I hope you are as excited as I am about this Ultimate Candy Land Birthday Party Plan.

There have been a lot of great party plans submitted lately. But going through them one at a time can take away your cruicial party planning time.

So this party plan is designed to save you time by combining the best ideas from each plan.

This allows you to spend more time on planning and less time on searching. So what are we waiting for? Lets Plan!

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-- Ultimate Candy Land Birthday Party Plan --


* Angela's Plan: A room at the local community center

* Jennifer's Plan: House

-- Ultimate Candy Land Birthday Party Plan --


* Jennifer's Plan: I was having a hard time coming up with a really great invitation until I ran across the Hasbro website. There are some really cute postcards that I am going to use as invitations.

-- Ultimate Candy Land Birthday Party Plan --


Picking out, setting up and fine tuning the decorations can be a long tedious process. But, with a little planning and creativity, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of the party. I have compiled ideas that start with the outside and work their way inside. You can use all, some or none of the ideas, but they will definitely help you you’re your party location into the Ultimate Party Location.

* Angela's Plan: I really wanted my child to feel like they were part of the Candy Land game. To start, I collected large pieces of cardboard from the local stores in our community (furniture stores are the best!) I then painted each of the characters on the cardboard. I drew them freehand, but I had a handy dandy projector to use…this made it a lot easier. Next, I bought a pack of construction paper from the store and duplicated the game board right in our living room. I used tape to hold down the paper to our wood floor. Finally, I took the characters and lined them up around the room. It looked great!

* Jennifer's Plan: I wanted to make the best life sized Candy Land board that I knew how. I was limited by money and time, but not imagination. I started out by making a path of fun foam squares right up the driveway to the front door. They were painted in the same colors as the Candy Land game. Once inside I had a big banner across the back door that read, “Candy Land”. Now that I have gotten the kids inside, I want to turn our backyard into the game board. There were two ways we were thinking about. The first way involves using a very large canvas tarp and paint the game board directly on it. Or the other way was to paint directly on the grass. We chose to use the canvas tarp, which actually turned out to be a great way. We painted the game board directly on the tarp and it looked exactly like the game board. Now we wanted to make life sized characters to place along the route. I will list each character we made and how we did it.

Jolly in the Gumdrop Forest: I am going to use a stuffed dinosaur that resembles Jolly and making gumdrops out of Styrofoam balls cut in half and painted with a glittery paint.

Lord Licorice: I will be blowing up a picture of Lord Licorice to poster size.

Grandma Nut's house: I am using a Color Your Own House and decorating it with a rubber stamp of a peanut to resemble the peanut brittle house.

Mr. Mint and Peppermint Forest: I am using those lawn decorations of candy canes and sticks and also making additional ones using thinner PVC pipe and red tape.

Chocolate Swamp: I am setting up a one ring inflatable pool and filling it with goodie bags of chocolates.

I also made a few other characters, but they were pretty simple to produce. After all the characters were done, I placed them around the board. It looked really good when it was all completed.

-- Ultimate Candy Land Birthday Party Plan --

Party Tableware

* Angela's Plan: Since I couldn’t find any store bought Candy Land tableware and decorations, I decided to use plain colors for everything. I chose lime, yellow and hot pink. I covered my three tables with a brightly colored tablecloth. To make sure they understood this was a Candy party, I bought Jelly Belly’s, bubble gum, Dots, M&Ms and any other colorful candy I could find and spread it all over each table. The kids loved this part!!! I used bright orange cups and plates, lime colored silverware and hot pink napkins. It looked great.

* Jennifer's Plan: I couldn’t find a wide variety of Candy Land table decorations. So I decided to use plain colors, but the same colors as the board has. I used blue plates, red cups, yellow napkins, etc. My daughter and I made gingerbread houses for each table. They looked great and it was a lot of fun. Plus, I put lots of buckets full of candy on each table. I wanted to make sure each child knew this was a “CANDY” party. I also decorated the tables with red and white streamers to look like candy canes. Plus, I wrapped Styrofoam balls with cellophane and twisted the ends to make it look like giant candy. I also had some left over plastic eggs from Easter which I filled with Jelly Beans and put them on the table.

-- Ultimate Candy Land Birthday Party Plan --



-- Ultimate Candy Land Birthday Party Plan --

Ice Breaker Activities


-- Ultimate Candy Land Birthday Party Plan --


* Angela's Plan: Drinks: I always make a great punch during the holidays and decided to recreate it for the party. It consists of sierra mist and lime sherbert. It’s great!

* Angela's Plan: Cake: The cake was another difficult part, because I was going to have to create it myself. I made a large sheet cake and frosted it white. I used lifesavers to recreate the Candy Land path…just like the game board. I used our Candy Land playing pieces to make it look like a real game was taking place. For decoration I added lollipops, upside down ice cream cone and other items.

* Jennifer's Plan: Food: To continue with the theme, we made sandwiches and cut them into gingerbread shapes using a cookie cutter. I also served colored Goldfish, Pringles Chips, Rainbow Nilla Wafers and colored marshmallows. I tried to find any type of food that came in different colors.

* Jennifer's Plan: Desert: I setup an ice cream bar stocked with rainbow sprinkles, mini M&M’s, mini marshmallows and other little candies.

* Jennifer's Plan: Cake: I made a simple sheet cake and frosted it with white frosting. I decorated the top to resemble the game board. It had Lollipop Woods, Peppermint Forest , King Kandy’s Castle and all the playing pieces from the game. It was really neat!

-- Ultimate Candy Land Birthday Party Plan --

Party Favors

* Angela's Plan: Cake: Making the party favor bags is my favorite part. I used white paper sacks and had the kids decorate them with candy and other little gadgets. They then put all their candy they collected during the day in it. They also took him miniature bouncy balls and big bags of M&M’s.

* Jennifer's Plan: I was fortunate to find a package of paper bags that matched the colors from the game board. I put all kinds of candy in each bag, tootsie rolls, whistle pops, twizzlers, Dots candy, peppermint and other great candy. I also include a mini gumball machine, Candy Land coloring sheets, Candy Land puzzles, Candy Land scratch and sniff board books and bubbles.

-- Ultimate Candy Land Birthday Party Plan --



-- Ultimate Candy Land Birthday Party Plan --

Games and Activities

* Angela's Plan: As we played the games, I wanted to make sure they had enough candy to eat while playing. So for each space on the game board I placed a few pieces of candy they could eat while they kept playing. I also made the characters out of candy, like, for Lord Licorice I used chocolate licorice, for grandma nut I used Nutter Butter cookies in a basket, for Jolly I used Dots candy, for Queen Frosteen I used Cotton Candy and for Plumpy I used berry flavored gummy lifesavers. To make the game move along quicker, we used the real cards from the Candy Land game. Whoever made it through the game first won a large bag of candy. There is one thing I didn’t want to leave out of this party and that was CANDY!

* Jennifer's Plan: The main attraction for this party was playing Candy Land. Each child was their own game piece and we used the actual cards from the real game to move them. As the children moved around the board they were awarded with different prizes, depending on which square they landed on. Also, most squares had a little bag of candy which was won by the first child who landed on that square. The kids wanted to play the game 3 times…so we did. It was a lot of fun and I think some of the parents wanted to join in!

-- Ultimate Candy Land Birthday Party Plan --

Thank You Notes


-- Ultimate Candy Land Birthday Party Plan --


I couldn’t have done this party without the great help of this website and other people who submitted their ideas. Thank you so much for everything!