Samantha's Butterfly Party Ideas Submission

Age: 4

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-- Ultimate Butterfly Party Submission --



-- Ultimate Butterfly Party Submission --


We used store bought invitations that said "flutter on over".

-- Ultimate Butterfly Party Submission --


When the guests arrived, they were greeted with butterfly decorations before even entering our house.  I bought butterfly prism yard picks and placed throughout our front flowerbeds. I bought a wooden butterfly welcome stake at the dollar store, painted white over the welcome plate and then painted "The party is here!" and placed it in our mailbox planter. I put butterfly window clings on the windows.  Inside I had taped lavender fringe around our kitchen bar counter and then taped beautiful rainbow glitter butterflies on it so they looked like they had landed there.  I had a butterfly mobile hanging over the table.  There were two bunches of helium filled latex and mylar balloons with butterflies on them and one very big butterfly shaped balloon. Balloons were also scattered across the room for the children to play with.

-- Ultimate Butterfly Party Submission --

Party Tableware

-- Ultimate Butterfly Party Ideas Submission --


I wore a butterfly shirt and so did my daughter.

-- Ultimate Butterfly Party Ideas Submission --

Ice Breaker Activities

When the children arrived they were directed to the table where we had butterfly coloring pages, crayons, and butterfly stickers to play with.  I had a beautiful butterfly video playing on the television.  There was also a little table set up with a butterfly puzzle, a dozen vinyl butterflies and a dozen vinyl caterpillars they could play with. Each child had a butterfly tattoo applied on either their face or hand.  Everyone was then given a butterfly nacklace (even the boys wanted them which suprised me).

-- Ultimate Butterfly Party Ideas Submission --


Food: Food was butterfly shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and chips, fruit and veggies.  I also made butterfly shaped lavender candies with a candy mold and butterfly and flower shaped cookies.

Cake: We had a butterfly shaped cake.

-- Ultimate Butterfly Party Ideas Submission --

Party Favors

Goody bags had a butterfly glider, vinyl butterfly, butterfly mini-screen, butterfly shaped mini-puzzle, butterfly pencil, and assorted candy.

-- Ultimate Butterfly Party Ideas Submission --


-- Ultimate Butterfly Party Ideas Submission --

Games and Activities

After that I brought out a decorated netted cage of real butterflies (mixture of monarchs, painted ladies, gulf fritillaries and zebra longwings)that I had ordered over the internet for everyone to enjoy. The butterflies were a huge hit with everyone, including the adults. I read some butterfly stories and then we played a caterpillar treasure hunt game: I had made color photocopies of different butterflies from a butterfly identification book (2 of each one).  I taped a different butterfly on each little sack, and each sack was a different color.  I gave each child a photocopied butterfly. They had to match their butterfly to one on a sack.  That's how they knew which color caterpillar to hunt for. I had glued pompoms together to make caterpillars and each child hunted for 6 caterpillars of their color.  After they found all 6 of their caterpillars they were given a butterfly bouncing ball. The craft was a butterfly for the refrigerator.  I had a very difficult time finding a butterfly craft for 4 year olds so here are the instructions: Cut a butterfly out of craft felt using a template.  Place a wooden craft stick on each side of it in the middle and staple with a good stapler (make sure the staples lay down properly in the back).  Cut off about 1/4 of a styrofoam craft ball and hot glue to the sticks.  Hot glue wiggly eyes to it. Make holes at the top for antennae and mark with a red marker so the kids can find the holes easily.  Also use the red marker to make a smile.  Place a sticky magnet on the back of the craft sticks.  Provide the kids with the curled pipe cleaner antennae to place in the holes, jewels to glue on each wing, and pom-poms to glue to the craft stick body. The kid's part was easy for them and they felt like they had really made something beautiful.

-- Ultimate Butterfly Party Ideas Submission --

Thank You Notes

-- Ultimate Butterfly Party Ideas Submission --


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