Jane's Butterfly Birthday Party Themes Submission

Age: 5

First, thanks Jane for your Butterfly Birthday Party Themes submission!

Let me tell you, there are some great ideas in this party that I know you could use in your future Butterfly Party.

All the information contained in this party submission mirrors all the party themes format.

Starting with the invitations and finishing at the thank you notes, you are going to find everything you need to throw that Ultimate Birthday Party!

Once again, thank you Jane for your wonderful party ideas and I hope the readers will be able to utilize them in their future parties!

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-- Ultimate Butterfly Birthday Themes --



-- Ultimate Butterfly Birthday Themes --


For the invitations I used pink scrapbook paper that matched to butterfly plates and such. I die-cut pink butterflies and sewed 3 green beads up the center of the die-cut for the body.  I cut the scrapbook paper to fit invitation size envelopes and glued the butterfly on the front.  On the white side of the paper I printed in pink, “Flutter on by Jane's turning 5! The dance of the butterflies will be held on Sunday May 20.”  The butterflies will be captured at 3:00 pm and released at 5:00 pm. Our cocoon is located at (Our address. Please RSVP to the monarch (my name and number)."

-- Ultimate Butterfly Birthday Party Themes --



-- Ultimate Butterfly Birthday Party Themes --

Party Tableware

At our local party supply store we bought plates and cups printed with colorful butterflies.  Then we got solid colored cups tablecloths and plastic spoons that matched. I also got lots of colorful balloons and had those all around the house for the kids to play with and then take one home with them A few days before the party I went on line and downloaded a butterfly coloring page then I reduced the image so I could fit 4 on each sheet of paper and printed of several in different colors to match the butterfly plates and cups. I cut empty TP rolls up the center, then into thirds and glued the printed butterflies to the TP rolls to create bracelets.

-- Ultimate Butterfly Birthday Party Themes --


As each child arrived they got a bracelet and butterfly wings. I made the butterfly wings out of white wire hangers white knee high panty hose pink spray paint glitter glue ribbon and white felt. It takes 2 hangers and 1 set of knee highs for each pair of wings.  To make, you just cut the hook ends of the hangers off. Bend the hanger to resemble a wing (I just bent slightly in the center), pull the knee highs over the hanger so that the open end if the knee high is where you cut the hook of the hanger off.  I used duct tape to tape the 2 hangers together and then glued white felt around that to cover the tape. I took the wings outside and lightly sprayed pink spray paint they dried REALLY fast. Then I used glitter glue to decorate them.  You can use elastic or ribbon for the straps so that the wings go on like a back pack would. They all looked so cute running around in their wings.  Even some of the boys wore them! 

-- Ultimate Butterfly Birthday Party Themes --

Ice Breaker Activities


-- Ultimate Butterfly Birthday Party Themes --


For the cake, I baked 2 heart shaped cakes and lots of cupcakes.  To make the butterfly I cut the pointed end of the hearts off and stuck 3 of the cupcakes in the middle for the body and the hearts on each side for the wings. I iced the cupcakes all green and the wings pink with purple dots.

For drinks, I make pink punch with sprite and raspberry sherbet.

-- Ultimate Butterfly Birthday Party Themes --

Party Favors


-- Ultimate Butterfly Birthday Party Themes --



-- Ultimate Butterfly Birthday Party Themes --

Games and Activities

The first thing we did was make a craft so that it would be dry when the party was over.  The girls made butterfly hair clips.  I die cut the same butterfly that I used for the invitations, but for the clips I used different colors of velum. I already had the beads sewn on for the body of the butterfly. All they had to do was glue them on to a hair clip.  The boys made caterpillar garden stakes. I bought the wood caterpillar already decorated at Hobby Lobby for 50 cents and used shish-ka-bob stick for the stake. All they had to do was glue the caterpillars to the sticks. 

For the games, we played pin the antenna on the butterfly. I made the butterfly with colorful scrapbook paper and made a bunch of antennas out of black poster board. We also played Elefun (an elephant that blows butterflies out of his trunk and the kids catch them in butterfly nets). You can buy this game at almost any toy store. We divided into groups of 4 for this game and gave prizes to each winner. 

For prizes, I went to the dollar store and bought butterfly purses for the girls and bug keepers for the boys and filled them with butterfly stickers and butterfly shaped bike spokes.  I had also planned on having brown paper sacks filled with butterfly candy. I was going to crumple and tape the bags up to look like cocoons but I had trouble finding butterfly candy.  So if you want to do that you might need to order it online.

-- Ultimate Butterfly Birthday Party Themes --

Thank You Notes

For the Thank You cards I used the same velum butterflies we had for the hair clips and glued those to the front of cardstock cut to invitation size.  Printed a personalized thank you to each guest and included a picture of the birthday girl playing with/wearing whatever gift she had received from them.

-- Ultimate Butterfly Birthday Party Themes --