Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Plan

I hope you are as excited as I am about this Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Plan.

There have been a lot of great party plans submitted lately. But going through them one at a time can take away your cruicial party planning time.

So this party plan is designed to save you time by combining the best ideas from each plan.

This allows you to spend more time on planning and less time on searching. So what are we waiting for? Lets Plan!

Before we get started on our party planning journey, take a look at these great party packs:


-- Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Plan --


Picking the location can be one of the most difficult tasks for some people, because they want everything to be perfect. Just remember, you child is going to have a great time no matter where the party is as long as their friends are there…So pick something that is convenient for you. I have listed a few ideas to help you get started.

* Batcave: Want to turn part of your house into the Ultimate Batcave? This is not as difficult as it may sound. If you put a little bit of work into this project, I guarantee it will be the biggest hit of the party. For compete directions on how to make the Ultimate Batcave, check out the decorations section.

* Zoo: What would be a better location than the zoo? You may be saying to yourself, why the zoo? First, the party isn’t at your house…big bonus. Second, wouldn’t it be amazing for your child and guests to see a bat up close and personal? Finally, the party can be contained outside and there is plenty to see and do at the zoo. So if your up to it, I would suggest the zoo for your party location.

* Gotham City: Now you might be saying, like I am really going to take these wild children into an open city…Well, that is not quite where I was going with this idea. How about bring the city atmosphere to a park? You could hang up decorations and turn that park into a city environment. If you need help with ideas, check out our Batman coloring pages section, which includes, clip art, posters and coloring pages. There should be enough information to get you started.

Home and Backyard

-- Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Plan --


Finding the Ultimate invitation can be one of the most challenging parts of the party. Why? You want to send out an invitation that represents your theme perfectly. Remember, the invitation is the first thing your guests are going to see and if it’s the Ultimate invitation, the guests are going to be excited for the party!!! I have compiled a few different ideas to help you get started. Enjoy…

* Batman Adventures: Not very creative, but still want the perfect invitation? Are you planning a Batman Adventures theme party? Perfect, here are the Ultimate Batman Adventures pre-made invitations just for you.

* Bat Signal: Cut a bat symbol out of black construction paper and paste it onto a white circle, to look like the Bat Signal given by the Mayor of Gotham City. You can write your party details on the back.

* Batman Invitation: Use metallic blue card stock with a piece of vellum as an overlay and place batman cut-outs and silver stars all around. On the inside you could write,

Holy Cakes and Ice Cream Batman
(child’s name) turning (age) and the Joker has stolen his birthday cake
Come dressed as your favorite superhero and
help Batman put an end to the Joker’s
dastardly plan


The riddler is tricky
Don’t make a mistake
He has stolen the candles off (Name) birthday cake
But you can help Batman recover the candles
By answering this riddle
I’m sure you can handle
How old will Jack be when his birthday’s arrived
Just think of a number that rhymes with “dive”
The answer is _______

Make sure to include the essential party information with Bat Date, Bat Time and Bat Place.

* Jonathan's Plan: The invitations were a poem I made up about some dangerous villains who had escaped that are threatening to ruin the birthday. The poem said we needed Carson 's friends to help "round them up and put those villains away!"

* Paul's Plan: I ended up using metallic blue card stock with a piece of vellum as an overlay with batman cut-outs and silver starts placed all around.  The message on the invitation read, "Holy Cake and Ice Cream Batman, Landon's turning four and the Joker have just stolen his birthday cake. Come dressed as your favorite superhero and help Batman put an end to the Joker's dastardly plan".  Then I listed the essential information with Bat Date, Bat Time, and Bat Place .  Excitement from those who had been invited to the party grew as all the boys and girls anxiously began talking about which superhero they would come dressed as

-- Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Plan --


Picking out, setting up and fine tuning the decorations can be a long tedious process. But, with a little planning and creativity, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of the party. I have compiled ideas that start with the outside and work their way inside. You can use all, some or none of the ideas, but they will definitely help you you’re your party location into the Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Plan Location.

Before we jump right into decorating the batcave and such, let’s get the decorations for the outside setup. Whether party guests are careening through the streets in the Batmobile or soaring high above the city, a bouquet of helium filled balloons attached to a light post or mailbox will let them know where the ultimate adventure of Batman will begin.

Need a way to ensure the bad guys don’t get into the party? Check out this weather resistant Lighted Bat Screen for your front yard. It’s guaranteed to keep the evil people out!!!

Now that we have setup the outside of the house to identify the party location and keep out the bad guys, lets start moving inside. I have compiled an excellent selection of Batman posters, clip art and coloring pages to help you decorate the inside. Just make sure to check this out before continuing on.

Now the fun begins!!! Let’s start putting decorations all over the party location. First, we are going to need some nocturnal creatures. Here is an awesome selection of Bat decorations for the tables, hallways and any area the party will be.

Here are simple and inexpensive ways to splash lots of color around the party site. Create a fun and colorful effect by draping black and purple metallic streamers from the center of the ceiling to the walls on each side of the room. Either tie some balloons to the backs of each chair or tie balloons with varying lengths of curling ribbon and hang them from the ceiling.

Do you want to create an exciting location to represent Gotham City? This idea is not expensive, but will require some time and energy on your part. Start by picking out a room that doesn’t have a lot of furniture in it and can be transformed pretty easily. First, put black lights in the room and cloud it with a light fog (fog machine). If you have any equipment, props, etc that will glow under the black lights, that will work perfect. It really adds to the effect of being in a real Bat Cave! Using a small garage spotlight with a bat taped over the lens, shine it on the wall to make it look like the bat signal is being shown in the sky. Next, cut from large sheets of cardboard the city sky line and paint it black, then outline it with Christmas lights. With a little more personal touch you will have designed the Ultimate Gotham City, which will be the highlight of the party!

* Paul's Plan: My husband and I worked the night before and the day of the party on the decorations. We used an outdoor canopy right inside the door and covered it with crumpled black and grey paper to make it look like they were entering a cave.  On the other side of the room my husband stretched several sections of lattice to separate the main room from the back section and labeled this closed off section as " Gotham City ". Little did the kids know Gotham City was actually be used later for a Superhero training course.

-- Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Plan --

Party Tableware

There are so many colors you could choose for this party, but here are a couple of the most popular. The most common colors for a Batman Theme are: Black, Yellow, Purple and Grey.

Short on time, need some pre-bought tableware? Here is a great selection of Batman plates, cups, napkins, forks, knives, etc all with the Batman Adventures Theme.

Maybe you were looking for the regular Batman Theme party tableware. Here is a great selection of regular Batman plates, cups, napkins, forks, knives, etc all with the regular Batman Theme.

Want to purchase some solid colors and add your own personal touch? Here is the ultimate selection of silverware, plates, napkins, etc in solid colors.

* Paul's Plan: Once inside the party all of the tables were decorated with bat confetti (picked up during Halloween) and bouquets of black, royal blue, silver and yellow balloons.  I used several of the batman centerpieces (that can be purchased at your local party supply) scattered around on the food and drink tables

-- Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Plan --


What kind of Ultimate Party would you be throwing if the birthday child wasn’t dressed up as Batman? What about the other party guests, what are they going to wear? Don’t worry, I have found some excellent, reasonably priced, costumes for the birthday child and guests.

First let’s start with the party guests. Here is a selection of glow in the dark accessories that the children will surely love. These will also go great in the Gotham City setup.

Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Plan

Here is one of the best Batman Birthday Party Plan costumes offered on the internet. Your child will surely be excited after putting this costume on. Don’t like this one, here is a great selection of many Ultimate Batman Costumes available. Check them out!


-- Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Plan --

Ice Breaker Activities

Let those who arrive early play with Bubbles while they wait for the other super heroes to arrive.

See how knowledgeable your little superheroes are on Batman. Check out this great quiz to give you some ideas.

Don’t forget to check out the great collection of coloring pages I have compiled. This is a great activity to keep the children occupied until the party starts. Plus, you can send them home in their goody bag.

A simple game of BAT, BAT, JOKER (i.e. duck, duck, goose) is a great ice breaker activity. You can keep adding children to the circle after they arrive. I have yet to find a child who doesn’t like this game, it’s a classic!!!

* Jonathan's Plan: As each child arrived, I gave them a black cape (very cheap to make!) and a black mask. They could then decorate the mask to personalize it. I had a table with all kinds of stickers - stars, rainbows, alphabet letters, etc. to put on the mask.

-- Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Plan --


Picking out the perfect food, refreshments, treats and cake should be a fun experience. Think of clever names for each item that relates back to the Batman theme. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Batman Birthday Party Plan Food

* Bats in a Blanket: To make: purchase your favorite hot dogs, cheese and refrigerated croissants. Cut the hot dogs in half and slice the cheese into thin slices. Unroll the croissants and stuff them with the hot dogs and cheese. Roll them back up and bake them as directed or until golden brown.
* Variety: “Penguin Poppers” (Pizza Rolls), “Penguin Pizza”, “Catwoman Claws” (Bugles for claw-like fingertips), “Harlequin Hamburgers”. Place Black Masks around the edges of the serving bowls.
* Acknowledge the danger that lurks within Batman’s world by serving dry snacks in an upside down Top Hat.
* Fruit Kabobs: Cut your child’s favorite fruits into chunks and place on trays. Pass out wooden skewers, with the sharp tips broken off, and let the children create their own fruit kabobs. Try to have extra parents and older children to help the younger children at the party.
* Penguin Party Chip and Dip: Turn a plastic top hat upside down and put the chips in it and place white gloves by the dip.
* Paul's Plan: After the kids ate dinner (nothing batty, just your typical chicken nuggets and party sandwich) the real party began.

Batman Birthday Party Plan Refreshments

* Poison Ivy Punch: Before the party, purchase ivy from a craft store and cut it into pieces. Then, make some lime Kool-Aid and pour it into ice cube trays. Add a piece of ivy to each ice cube compartment and freeze. On the party day, add green food coloring to your child’s favority beverage (white grape juice, apple juice and lemon lime soda work best.) When it’s time to serve the punch, add a few poisoned cubes to each child’s glass..
* You can serve the drinks that children love, such as, Capri Suns, Koolaid Koolers, Koolaid Jammers, boxed juice, etc.

Batman Birthday Party Plan Treats

* Bat Cookies: Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe or purchase pre-made, refrigerated cookie dough. Roll out the dough and use a bat-shaped cookie cutter (or make your own template) to form bat shapes. Cook as directed and cool. When cooled, frost with dark-colored frosting and let the kids decorate the cookies with sprinkles or candy. Red cinnamon pieces make great bat eyes!
* Joker’s Jello-O Jigglers: Purchase your child’s favorite flavors of gelatin and follow the directions to make jigglers. Purchase a bat-shaped cookie cutter and any other theme-related shapes you can find. After the gelatin has set, cut it into shapes to make this popular treat even more fun.
* Chips and salsa
* Make each guest a fruit parfait using yogurt, granola and fresh fruit. Top it off with a whipped topping.

Batman Birthday Party Plan Cake

Deciding on whether you are going to make or buy the Ultimate cake is a tough decision. It mainly depends on how much time you have and how many guests are coming. I would suggest for a smaller party, you try and make that Ultimate cake. But if there is going to be a large number of guests, maybe a large cake made by the baker is the best decision. It’s up to you, but here is an idea on making an Ultimate Batman cake.

Batman Birthday Party Plan

Check out this Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Plan Cake. Click on the cake to get the recipe! This will definitely be the highlight of the party.


-- Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Plan --

Party Favors

*Glow Favors
*Batman Blowouts
*Batman Stickers
*Party Favor Bags
*Batman Pencils

* Paul's Plan: The bat capes were easy to make and a cheap party favor. Again, batman and robin reminded the kids that we still did not have the birthday cape.  I kept the party favors simple, a superhero coloring book and a batman sucker. The party was awesome and the kids had a great time, a couple of days after the party I even had some who had not been invited to the party calling to get the details so they could do something similar.

-- Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Plan --


Batman Birthday Party Plan Click here for the Ultimate selection of Batman Birthday Party Plan Toys. Need something besides a Batman toy? Click here for the Ultimate selection of toys.

-- Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Plan --

Games and Activities

Looking for the Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Plan Games and Activities? I have dedicated a whole page for these games. I know you will find enough choices to fill the games section of your Ultimate Batman Party.

Before we get to those games, check out these Ultimate Piñatas. Your child will definitely love them!!!

These pinatas don't quite fit your Batman Theme? Click here for the Ultimate selection of birthday piñatas.

Now it’s time for the games. Check them out here.

-- Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Plan --

Thank You Notes

Now the parties over, what do you do? Plan the next one? Sure, but you don’t want to forget about the guests that helped you celebrate your child’s birthday. Make sure to send them some type of thank you note. Whether it is store bought or hand made, just make to get it out no later than a week past the party. Also, if you took any pictures at the party, try to include one in each invitation. Here is a great thank you note to send out. I feel this invitation is the Ultimate Note to end the Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Plan.

* Jonathan's Plan: For the thank you notes, I made it look like the front page of a newspaper with a headline that reads, "Guest's Name Captures Dangerous Villain". I included a picture (I got a CD when the film was developed) of the child with the captured villain. The article describes how the superhero guest's name followed a trail that lead to the whereabouts of the criminal. The second article on the page describes how happy Jonathan was to receive an outstanding gift from guest's name and how much fun he had with his friends at his birthday party (i.e. the real thank you part of the note).   The kids (and parents!) had a blast!

-- Ultimate Batman Birthday Party Plan --