David's Baseball Birthday Party Ideas Submission

Age: 8

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-- Ultimate Baseball Birthday Ideas --


Everyone met at our elementary school's baseball field, and the kids warmed up throwing, hitting, and catching balls until all the kids had arrived.

-- Ultimate Baseball Birthday Ideas --


Invites were done on the computer, with a baseball background, announcing that David is rounding third and headed toward his eighth birthday, please help him celebrate, etc, and requesting "baseball attire" (team shirts, gloves, hats, bats, etc.)

-- Ultimate Baseball Birthday Ideas --


For decorations, we had red and blue balloons (Angels colors); the party store had run out of the Mylar baseball balloons.

-- Ultimate Baseball Birthday Ideas --

Party Tableware

We had a red tablecloth with baseball platters (Party City), baseball bowls (PC) and Angels batting helmet for the centerpiece. We also had a miniature (table top) popcorn popper on the table, but we wound up using microwave popcorn since it would have been too hard to keep up with the demands of 13 kids!

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-- Ultimate Baseball Birthday Party Ideas --

Ice Breaker Activities


-- Ultimate Baseball Birthday Party Ideas --


Hot dogs, fried chicken, and a veggie platter (more for the 4 or 5 adults who stayed) (ok, not necessarily ball park fare), sunflower seeds, peanuts, water, lemonade...never got around to buying the cracker jacks!

I baked cupcakes with baseball wrappers, used white frosting and piped red stitching to resemble a baseball.

-- Ultimate Baseball Birthday Party Ideas --

Party Favors

The goodie bags contained clean cups, with rubber baseballs (Dollar Tree), baseball stickers, Angels tattoos (thanks to Guest Relations), and small souvenir Angels batting helmets, which we also found around the stadium that night (Weiner schnitzel (sp?) sells them out here with ice cream, as does Angel Stadium)

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-- Ultimate Baseball Birthday Party Ideas --

Games and Activities

They played several different games: the first was a pitching contest. I tied a hula hoop to the backstop, and the kid who got the pitch inside most often won. Then we had a sunflower seed spitting contest, which was a huge hit. Next was a timed run from home plate, around the bases, and back home, with the best time the winner. Finally, we had a contest to see who could hit a wiffle ball the farthest, except instead of a bat, they had to use a pool noodle (Dollar Tree, $1) I forgot to have another throwing accuracy game, where the kids have to throw a baseball into a laundry basket, which is what I used to transport all the stuff. I was going to give out baseball card packs for prizes, but Dollar Tree had baseball water balls (for summer) 2/$1. The kids wanted to play an actual baseball game, but since we were playing for 90 minutes, and had more activities planned, we all walked back to our home.

The kids made piñata bags with sports foamies and markers, and as the glue dried, dinner was set out.

We have a large projection screen that we set outside in the summer for movies under the stars, and luckily for us, the weather here (Southern California) was hot and clear that night, enabling viewing in comfort. Chairs and end tables were set up theatre style so the kids could watch "Rookie of the Year" (My son also likes the Cubs, otherwise it would have been "Angels in the Outfield." We served popcorn in souvenir cups that we scavenged (is that a word?!) from Angel Stadium that week--16 ounce or larger, with Angels 2005 ALS Champions, etc all over. The kids got so excited with the cups, all wanting to take them home.

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Thank You Notes


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